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Why Do I Need Motorhome Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Motorhome insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Motorhome Insurance?

Having insurance on your motorhome is required by law and, as with all motor insurance in the UK, you need to have at least Third Party Only cover to protect members of the public and other third parties in case you are involved in an accident, causing injury or property damage, resulting in claims against you. It is also important to have cover as without it, if your vehicle is damaged or written off, without the right cover in place you will have to find the money to fix or replace it out of your own pocket, and with many motorhomes costing a significant amount of money, this could be expensive!

Not only do you need to cover your vehicle, but there are other things associated with it, that you may also think important to protect – things like the personal possessions you keep in it, the audio equipment fitted, awnings, gas bottles and portable generators, all of which go hand-in-hand with motorhome ownership.

So Why Is It Important To Have A Motorhome Policy?

  • It Is The Law
  • Financial Protection
  • Protect Your Vehicle
  • Protect You Possessions
  • Breakdown Cover
  • For Peace Of Mind

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