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Netherlands Could Ban Petrol And Diesel Cars By 2025

Sales Of Petrol And Diesel Cars May Be Banned Within The Decade

The Dutch parliament will vote on whether to ban sales of petrol and diesel cars in the next decade, in order to turn Dutch roads electric.

Netherlands Petrol Ban News

The motion recently passed through the lower house of the Dutch parliament, and it would need to pass through the Senate to become legally binding. The motion was proposed by the Dutch Labour Party (PvdA), which is the junior member of the Netherlands’ coalition government. Initially the motion aimed to ban petrol and diesel cars entirely, but it was reduced to prevent the sales of new petrol and diesel cars, in a bid to electrify Dutch roads in the future.

The Dutch Labour Party’s coalition partners, the centre-right VVD, oppose the motion, with their leader Halbe Zijlstra calling the plan “unrealistic”, the Guardian reported.


In 2013 the Liberal Democrats stated they want to see all petrol and diesel cars banned from British roads by 2040, if they were voted in.

India, Norway, Austria

At the start of May, New Dehli banned petrol and diesel run taxis from the Delhi Capital Region. Whilst reports coming out of Austria suggest the country may ban sales of new gas and diesel cars by 2020. It’s also been reported that Norway will aim to achieve similar to the Netherlands by banning all new petrol and diesel cars by 2025.

Is The Future Electric?

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