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Camera On Dashboard

Should I Get A Dash Cam? Why It Could Be A Good Idea

As Dash Cams Become Increasingly Popular In The UK, We Look At Why.

A dash cam video that catches a thief on camera talking about the car he stole recently went viral, but should you get a dashboard camera in your car?

The Audio Captured

Although we can’t see the driver in the video, we can certainly hear him as he discusses stealing the BMW i8 whilst driving through night-time London. He talks about where the middle-man can view the car, detailing the area where he lives, whilst singing high praise for the car. The BMW i8 is fitted with a GPS tracking system, so the owner was able to retrieve the vehicle without incident, although the thief is still at large.

Benefits Of Owning A Dash Cam

Dash cam videos have become a great source of entertainment, with YouTube containing thousands of them from across the world - particularly countries with a prevalence of insurance scams. Which by the way are also becoming a problem in the UK too. However that’s not the only reason to buy a dash cam, read on to find out why you should fit your car with one.

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Prove A Crash Wasn’t Your Fault

This is by far the best reason for getting a dash cam. After a collision with another vehicle it can be a long process to establish who is actually at fault, when all the insurance companies have to go on is the word of the drivers, who could both be claiming the other is at fault. If there’s camera evidence, whether that’s a dash cam or CCTV, then the insurance companies will be able to decide quickly who is at fault for the accident, meaning claims should be processed quicker and with less stress.

Catch Thieves Red Handed

Although the video at the top of the article doesn’t show the thief, you can purchase dash cams that record the cabin as well as the road. So in the unfortunate event that your car is stolen, then you’re dash cam will be able to record who is in the car.

Keep An Eye On Those Driving Your Car

Does your son or daughter use your car? Or anyone else? Then you can keep an eye on their driving habits and make sure they’re treating your pride and joy with the respect that it deserves. You can even view your own driving skills.

Monitor Your Car When You’re Not There

Ever left your car in an area you weren’t too sure about, or just want added security for your car? Then a dash cam can provide the reassurance you crave. A lot of dash cams have a standby mode that records when the engine is off, so if someone tries to break in to or damages your car you’ll have the footage to show to the police.

Benefits Of Owning A Dash Cam

What Type Of Dash Cam Do I Need?

Like many other gadgets it depends on what you want to use it for and how much you’re willing to spend. The more expensive dash cams will likely have features such as remote/cloud storage so you don’t lose the footage if something happens to the dash cam, whilst some will be able to record the cabin as well as the road. The dash cams on the cheaper end of the scale will simply record the road in front to a memory card.