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Who Needs Student Car Insurance?

Find out more about who might need Student Car insurance.

Who Will Need Student Car insurance?

If you are a university student looking for a cheaper car insurance premium then this is for you. It will typically benefit people that are 25 years and under who are looking for a policy with no mileage restrictions, no curfews and no telematics box. It’s built to complement student life and limit implications that can affect your daily routine.  As a student, you are likely to have your car parked in various shared or communal areas around campus and with a standard Private Car insurance policy this would likely increase your premium further. The Student Car insurance policy recognises this fact however and rates your premium accordingly without making cover unaffordable.

So Who Needs Student Car insurance? Basically, Anyone Who:

  • Is A University Student
  • Is A New or Inexperienced Driver
  • Is A Careful Driver

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