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Specialist Travel Insurance Policies For Less

We are the specialist travel insurance experts! We specialise in travel insurance quotes for people that might struggle to get cover elsewhere, or find that other companies want to charge a fortune. We can quote for all medical conditions, for people over 50 years old, and for those taking part in hazardous activities such as skiing. Get a quote today!*

What Is Travel Insurance And What Does It Cover?

You will need travel insurance if you wish to travel abroad. It can provide financial cover for you and your family if the worst were to happen and an incident occurs while you’re away, including personal injury. Medical expenses in other countries are not funded by our government and so without cover in place, unfortunately you would have to foot the bill yourself.  Travel insurance can also extend cover for things like flight cancelations, delays, loss of property, legal expenses and much more.

Travel Insurance Explained

Many people decide to leave Travel insurance as one of the final aspects that they check off their holiday list, then just do a quick search online and go with one of the cheapest options. What some people fail to realise however, is that Travel insurance is an incredibly important thing. Although most trips and holidays go without a hitch, there is always an element of chance that is taken out of your control and could strike at any point.
Travel insurance is not compulsory and there are many holidays and excursions taken without insurance being given a second thought. However, it is only when it would be called upon that people then wish they had taken it out. Here in the UK we get all of our medical treatment paid for by the government. When you travel abroad, this is not the case. A short stay in a foreign hospital could land you with a bill for a few thousand pounds. Imagine if something serious happened and you or a family member became seriously ill or required an operation. Without the finances or the correct insurance in place, the hospital may well refuse to treat you.
Travel insurance does not just cover medical costs, it can actually cover a wide variety of elements including compensation for cancelled or delayed flights, stolen luggage, emergency repatriation, hazardous activities cover, public liability, theft of valuables, legal expenses, curtailment cover and much more.
There are also different types of policies for you to choose from. The most common type is a Single Trip. This is, as the name would suggest, holiday insurance for one trip, either just for yourself or family for a set length of stay. Then there is Annual or Multi Trip Travel insurance. This will provide cover for you or your family for 12 months and will allow you to make multiple trips within the specified time. However, in most cases individual trips may be limited to a maximum stay of between 30 and 45 days, though this will likely vary by insurer. If you are planning on taking multiple trips in a year then the Annual Travel insurance will most likely save you money as opposed to buying single trip cover for each holiday.  Long Stay Travel insurance is again, exactly what the name would suggest. It provides cover for you for a holiday length that the standard Single Trip insurance could not accommodate. Worldwide insurance will cover you for trips outside of the European Union where medical costs can be a little more, and because of this you will pay more for this than a European Travel policy. Backpacker insurance will provide cover for lengthy trips with all of the risks associated with the areas you will visit, factored in.

There will be many factors that will affect the price of your policy, including things like age, destination, duration, medical history, allergies and existing medical conditions. There will normally be a limit set for lost/stolen luggage and personal belongings so it is worth going over this before you take out the policy to make sure you are covered for the value that you need.  Before purchasing your travel insurance it is recommended that you read through the policy and its small print to clarify that it will cover you for all of the aspects that you require, as cover will vary by provider.

So what are the different types of Travel insurance?
  • Holiday Insurance
  • Single Trip
  • Annual Cover
  • Business Travel
  • Long Stay
  • Medical Cover
  • Hazardous Activity Cover
  • Medical Condition Cover
  • Cancelation Cover
  • Loss & Theft Of Luggage
  • Loss & Theft Of Valuables

Who Will Need Travel Insurance?

Anyone that is looking to travel outside of the United Kingdom will need Travel insurance. You may be visiting a relative, going on a family holiday, going on a backpacking break, taking a gap year out traveling, or even travelling for business purposes - all of these can be covered. You may have pre-existing medical conditions and/or may be looking to take part in hazardous activities such as scuba diving, skiing or rock climbing, which can all be covered too. If you do not have the finances to comfortably pay for any medical bills, property damage or loss, then it is strongly advised that Travel insurance be taken out before you leave the country.

So Who Needs Cover?
  • Anyone Traveling Abroad
  • When Carrying Expensive Items
  • With Existing Medical Condition
  • Partaking In Hazardous Activities
  • Wanting Cancelation Cover

Why Is It Important To Have Travel Insurance?

People do not realise the kind of costs involved when being medically treated outside of the UK. It is easy to take the UK’s free NHS for granted, but when you are given a bill for a few thousand pounds after falling awkwardly after a trip or a fall, you will soon be given a huge reminder. This would just be a minor visit to a hospital for treatment. Imagine now if you attained a serious injury or worse, even death. The cost of repatriation back to the UK can be anything up to £17,000 and if you needed specialist transport and a medical team then you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of pounds.
If you have bought your holiday and then for reasons beyond your control it falls through, then your Travel insurance can cover you so you don’t lose out. Likewise with flights, either cancelations or delays can add financial implications to your holiday – these too can be covered. When you weigh up the cost of taking out Travel insurance vs. the potential cost of not having any at all, you will probably come to the conclusion that it is better to be prepared than take the risk and end up severely out of pocket should the worst happen.

So why is it important?

Features & Benefits Of A Think Travel Insurance Policy

We know how difficult it can be to find travel insurance if you suffer from certain medical conditions or illnesses which is why we’ve worked hard to bring you a travel insurance policy that can quote for all conditions and disabilities including heart problems, cancers and diabetes. We offer tailored, annual, multi-trip policies for people up to 74 years of age, and our single trip policies are available to everyone. If you’re planning a more adventurous, high-energy trip involving activities such as snowboarding, water skiing or rock climbing, then our experts have this covered too. Our specialist travel policies can include the following:

  • Get A Quote & Buy Online
  • Annual Policies Up To 74 Years Old
  • Single Trip Policies For Any Age
  • Any Medical Condition Quoted For
  • All Medical Equipment Covered
  • Cover For Hazardous Activities
  • Baggage & Money Cover
  • Individual Or Group Policies
  • Cover for Sports Groups & Clubs
  • European & Worldwide Cover
  • £0 Excess Policies Available

Need More Reasons To Choose Think For Your Travel Insurance?

Are you still looking for more reasons to get a Travel insurance quote from Think? No problem, here are some additional features and benefits of our Travel insurance cover:

  • We specialise in non-standard travel insurance policies
  • We can cover all medical conditions
  • We cover more adventurous trips involving hazardous activities such as diving and skiing
  • We can cover individuals, families and groups of travellers
  • You can get a quote and buy your policy online
  • We offer flexible payment and instalment options

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