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Best Places To Make Your Holiday Money Last This Summer

Stretch Your Pound Further This Summer

Research from the travel money company No. 1 Currency has revealed which countries have improved in ‘value for money’ in the past twelve months.


Travel money company No. 1 Currency have researched the best places to go this summer, compiling their ‘value for money’ list, and Argentina has come out on top. Compared to last year the Sterling is up a massive 55 percent against the Argentine Peso, so you could fill your trip with even more activities, whether it’s sampling life in the busy capital of Buenos Aires, discovering the incredible landscape that Argentina has to offer, or visiting the Perito Moren Glacier, the Iguazu Falls or the Andes.


2014 World Cup hosts Brazil are second on the list for value for money, as the Pound has gone up 47 percent against the Brazilian Real. With this summer’s Olympics being hosted in Rio de Janiero, it’s the perfect time to visit Brazil, with its luxurious beaches and culture oozing from the streets.

South Africa

There’s loads of things to do in South Africa, from visiting the bustling cities of Cape Town and Johannesburg, to embracing the country’s native wildlife. With Sterling 34.8 percent up on the South African Rand, it’s the perfect time to visit Africa’s most southern country.


The third South American country in the top four, Sterling is up 29.7 percent on the Colombia Peso. Sample the rich Colombian coffee, whilst taking in the breath-taking scenery of the Spanish-speaking country.

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Known as the gateway to Asia, the Pound is up 26.7 percent from last year versus the Turkish Lira. A popular destination for British tourists in recent years, Turkey has two very different types of holiday on offer. Put your feet up in in the luscious resorts in Antalya or Dalaman, or take in the rich culture of Istanbul.


From incredible beaches to the world’s tallest twin towers, this Southeast Asian country has it all. With the Sterling 18 percent up on the Malaysian Ringgit from last year, there’s no reason why you shouldn't consider Malaysia for your jet setting adventure this year.


While many North American countries have actually experienced a strengthening of their own currency against the Pound, Mexico bucks this trend, reporting an increase of 17.4 percent in the last year. Immerse yourself in the Aztec culture, visit the lively Mexico City, or party in Cancun.


A country filled with incredible architecture and iconic sites, from Red Square in Moscow to the Grand Palace in Peterhof, with Sterling 17.1 percent up on the Rouble it might be time for a city break to Russia.


The second African country to make the list, Botswana would certainly be an interesting holiday destination, with Sterling 15.8 percent up on the Botswana Pula. Maybe it’s time to discover the incredible wildlife that this southern African country has to offer?

New Zealand

Home to the All Blacks and some of the most incredible scenery you will ever set your eyes on, it’s a great time to visit this rugby mad island, with the Sterling up 14.6 on the New Zealand dollar.

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