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Could You Benefit From Multi-trip Travel Insurance?

Annual Travel Insurance Policies

If you have planned several trips this year, whether holidays or for business purposes, it might be beneficial to take out an annual travel insurance policy. With annual multi-trip cover you can be fully protected for every holiday or business trip you embark on during that year.

Travel Insurance Benefits and Costs

Peace Of Mind

With Multi-Trip Travel insurance you save time and money by protecting yourself for the whole year, rather than having to take out individual policies every time you decide to go away. If you are a regular holiday maker you will recognise that more often than not, there are instances where your long awaited getaway didn’t go according to plan and you needed travel cover to pick up the cost of something unfortunate happening whether that be illness, injury or lost property. When you’re away, you want to be able to relax knowing that, no matter what happens, you and your family are protected.

Cover A Wide Range Of Potential Problems

A multi-trip insurance policy can cover you for all the same things that a single trip policy might, including Cancellation or Curtailment, Emergency Medical Expenses and Personal Possessions, and you can generally tailor the policy to your specific requirements including destinations and activities undertaken. There are a range of features that can be covered in your policy such as travel interference, supplier bankruptcy, scheduled airline failure and winter sports cover. Policies can also take into account the length of the holidays you wish to embark on.

Medical Bills Could Cost Thousands

If you’re a frequent jet-setter it is imperative that you get suitable cover to ensure you get the most out of your holidays. Too often stories are reported of individuals who have suffered huge financial losses all because they didn’t get adequate insurance protection. People sometimes decide to take a risk and not arrange cover thinking that bad things happen to other people, leaving themselves exposed and at risk. To save those few extra pounds, people will often risk losing thousands. Hospital fees and medical expenses are a typical example of the type of costs that could be incurred whilst away, but many travellers often deem themselves above risk from injury or illness. What is further forgotten is the expense of medical bills abroad for even the simplest of treatments – most countries don’t have the NHS system we have in the UK, and all treatments are charged for…and charged highly for in most cases! Even the smallest of procedures or treatments can run into thousands of pounds.

Medical Bills While Abroad

Protection For Your Family

If you are a part of a family, however large, you could include everyone (including children) under a single policy to save you unnecessary time and hassle. This allows you to take the family on last minute vacations throughout the year knowing you and your relatives are correctly covered. It could even be worth adding certain family members to your policy just in case they happen to join you on your journeys at a later date.

Save Time, Money And Stress!

If you are scheduling a skiing trip in the alps, taking a long relaxing cruise or lining up an inner city break, an annual policy could save you time, money and stress. Contact an expert insurance broker to gain a quick and easy quote today.