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Travel Insurance for Students on a Gap Year

Thinking of taking a gap year?

While many 18-21 year olds have recently headed off back to university, there are some who have decided to embark on the journey of a lifetime, instead choosing to take a gap year and travel the world.

Exotic Destinations; More Risks

Increasingly popular destinations for gap year students are Asian countries such as Vietnam, Thailand and India. Countries like this are wonderfully extravagant, providing some of the greatest natural habitats and cultures the world has to offer. But with such peculiar countries, in comparison to the UK, you can be presented with a whole range of possible accidents or problems. When these problems occur you can take consolation in having the correct cover – hopefully allowing you to get back to enjoying your holiday and giving you peace of mind. On the other hand, if you didn’t have proper coverage you potentially put yourself into an awkward position where you are essentially thousands of miles from home and extremely vulnerable.

Gap Year Insurance

Cover Your Medical Bills & Repatriation

Health bills abroad are phenomenally expensive and typically provide a very poor standard of healthcare. For example, if you're taking part in voluntary work helping the local communities and potentially working with the sick, you could be at risk from contracting an illness yourself (e.g. malaria) - illnesses that your insurance could cover you from. Without the correct insurance you could find yourself mired in debt from health charges – hardly ideal as a student without any significant savings or income. Travel insurance protects your best interests, often paying for any healthcare issues you encounter on your journeys and could even get you flown home in the event of an emergency and in need of early repatriation.

Travel Insurance for Students

Use A Specialist Broker

A benefit of this cover is the way in which an insurance broker can tailor your policy specifically to your needs. Whether you are back packing or working with an organised voluntary network, you can be adequately covered for the activities you will be participating in. Features such as adventure sports or hazardous activity cover are optional features you could include on your policy, shielding you from any worse case scenarios. Furthermore, if you have a pre-existing medical condition, there are specialist policies that could cater for your illness – preventing it from impeding your experiences.

Don’t Run The Risk – Get Covered Before You Travel

Travelling anywhere abroad presents potential hazards, but as a student travelling to dangerous environments, it couldn’t be more essential to get the right travel insurance before embarking on your worldwide adventures. Good insurance brokers understand the financial difficulties most students are faced with, paying for recently elevated university fees and the cost of living in general. Therefore it is a priority to get the best quality cover available to save you falling into an impossible financial state whilst half way across the globe. Do not run the risk, get covered and allow your worldwide experiences to continue.