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Why Do I Need Travel Insurance?

Why you might need to consider Travel insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Travel Insurance?

People do not realise the kind of costs involved when being medically treated outside of the UK. It is easy to take the UK’s free NHS for granted, but when you are given a bill for a few thousand pounds after falling awkwardly after a trip or a fall, you will soon be given a huge reminder. This would just be a minor visit to a hospital for treatment. Imagine now if you attained a serious injury or worse, even death. The cost of repatriation back to the UK can be anything up to £17,000 and if you needed specialist transport and a medical team then you could be looking at hundreds of thousands of pounds.

If you have bought your holiday and then for reasons beyond your control it falls through, then your Travel insurance can cover you so you don’t lose out. Likewise with flights, either cancelations or delays can add financial implications to your holiday – these too can be covered. When you weigh up the cost of taking out Travel insurance vs. the potential cost of not having any at all, you will probably come to the conclusion that it is better to be prepared than take the risk and end up severely out of pocket should the worst happen.

So why is it important?

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