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Why Do I Need Personal Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Personal insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Personal Insurance?

Car Insurance is required by law. It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced driver, have just passed your test, are a student away at university or have convictions on your driving licence, you need to have a minimum of Third Party Only cover before you can drive or park your car on a public road. This is in order to protect members of the public in case you are involved in an accident and damage their property or cause personal injury. You may then want to increase cover to make sure your own vehicle is protected, in case you are unable to afford to fix it if it is damaged in an accident.

Home insurance is key if you want to protect your home, contents and personal possessions against damage, destruction or theft. Your home is likely to be the most valuable thing you own, so protecting it should be high on your list of concerns, and if your home is in a flood area, suffered from subsidence or landslip, or is made of non-standard construction or materials, then you’ll need a non-standard home insurance policy to keep you covered.

Likewise, if you and your family go away on holiday and fall ill or suffer serious injury and have to spend time in hospital receiving treatment, then the cost soon adds up and could end up running in to thousands of pounds very quickly, and as the treatment isn’t free like it is in the UK, you’ll have to foot the bill yourself. You have to consider whether you would be able to afford to pay these bills and expenses yourself if something were to happen and you hadn’t taken out cover, and if the answer is no, then you definitely need to get a quote and get covered straight away!

So why is it important to have cover?

  • To protect your car
  • To protect your home
  • To cover your possessions
  • To cover your holiday
  • To protect your family
  • To protect yourself
  • For Business Trips
  • For Financial Protection
  • For Peace Of Mind

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