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What Is The Most Productive Day Of The Week?

Something Tells Us That It Will Definitely Not Be A Friday!

Have you ever wondered which day results in the greatest productivity for the working week? Friday has already been ruled out as most people, in their heads, are already thinking about the weekend!

And The Winner Is...

After numerous studies (presumably not on a Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Friday) it has been said that the most productive day of the week is a Tuesday. We can already see the logic in this though.....Monday = Back to reality, desperately clinging on to the weekend still; Tuesday = Fresh from Monday's wake up call, you hit the ground running, ready to attack the week ahead; Wednesday = It's the middle of the week, humpday, more than half the week is complete; Thursday = Thoughts already on planning the weekend ahead; Then Friday arrives, the main're already thinking about what you're going to be doing and how it's going to feel...look busy, here comes the boss!