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With the high price of Car insurance for young and new drivers, you may think that you’ll never get on the road…However, we’ve got an insurance policy that’s set up to help you find flexible, affordable cover.

What Is Young Driver Insurance?

Young Driver insurance is a type of Car insurance specifically created for the benefit of ages 17 to 24 years. Due to the high price of standard Car insurance for young drivers, Telematics insurance was introduced as a way for you to find cover that they could afford.

Telematics insurance policies require you to have a black box fitted to your car, to monitor your driving performance. In addition to the black box, there are some Young Driver insurance policies that restrict when you are allowed to drive your own car, with curfews usually in force for night time driving, but can sometimes also be in force for peak hours too. However, at Think Insurance we think it is more important how you drive than when you drive which is why we don’t place any time-of-day restrictions on our policies. 

Some of the features of our Telematics insurance policies include:

  • Black Box fitted to your car
  • No curfews!
  • Only buy the miles you need
  • Learner Drivers also covered
  • No price increase when you pass your Practical Test
  • Feedback via online dashboard

So, why are Insurance Premiums for Young People so high?

Learning to drive can be stressful enough without the added complication of having to sort insurance out, and working out how you’re going to pay for it. Unfortunately, due to the high risk of an accident, young drivers are often all painted with the same brush and pay the price for their inexperience via high insurance premiums.

If you’re wondering why it may be very costly for a Young driver to get insured, here are some of the reasons behind it – and also a few tips on how to avoid doing these yourself:

  • Historically, people between the ages of 17 and 24 are involved in 85% of serious road accidents meaning their insurance costs reflect this high figure. This figure has declined substantially since the implementation of the Black Box policy.
  • Young drivers are more likely to make mistakes when driving due to inexperience. This makes them less reliable in the eyes of the Insurer. Inexperience is something that can be reduced by practicing driving outside of lessons. A Think Insurance Learner Driver Policy is a great way to get a head start on your insurance and also start earning our own No Claims Bonus straight away.
  • A lot of incidents involving young drivers are due to lack of awareness on the road. This inexperience is something that can be improved upon with time and through practice, and hours spent driving on the road. Experience and awareness will only increase through practice, but when starting out, it is important to make sure you are driving in situations that you are comfortable with. This means not driving in rush hour or at night time straight away, or loading your car with friends and family, taxiing them around from day one.

Regardless of all the stigma attached to young drivers, we spend time to ensure that we do whatever possible to help cut down the cost for new drivers, and offer a variety of young driver insurance schemes. These schemes are there to help drivers get on the road for less, and help them to improve their driving, making better decisions when on the road.

What is a Black Box?

A black box, sometimes called a telematics device or telematics box, is a small box fitted in a discreet position in your car, usually behind the dashboard. The black box will then record information about how you drive including, but not limited to:

  • Braking
  • Speed
  • Cornering
  • Number of miles you drive
  • Time you drive
  • Where your vehicle is parked

Who Needs Young Driver Insurance?

If you are a driver aged between 17 and 24 years old and have been left frustrated with the high prices of Car insurance quotes you’ve received, then you might benefit from Black Box insurance. For many young people it’s simply the only way to get on the road at an affordable price.

When looking for Car insurance quotes online, you may have come across several quotes that could be double the value of your car, making it almost impossible for you to get on the road. After the cost of learning to drive, which can easily be a few hundred pounds at the very least, you’ve then got to purchase your first car and, of course, tax it.

You’ll most likely already be passed the £1,000 mark at this point, and then you may have to fork out in the region of £4-5,000 to get a regular Car insurance policy, that’s even before you’ve considered adding vital complements such as legal cover and breakdown cover to your policy.

new drivers just passed

Insurance with Think Insurance

All of the Young Driver insurance policies taken out with Think Insurance include a black box,  to help keep your costs as low as possible. Unlike some Young Driver insurance policies, there isn’t a curfew, allowing you to properly experience the freedom that owning a full driving licence and a car offers you.

MyPortal from Think Insurance

As part of our Young Driver insurance you will have access to our exclusive Young Driver portal which will allow you to view a range of data about your driving performance that can help improve your driving and ensure you don’t exceed your mileage allowance.

What Can I View on MyPortal?

After logging into your MyPortal you’ll be able to view several key pieces of data that will tell you how well (or not – but hopefully this isn’t the case) you are driving.

Driving Score/Performance Score – This is one of the most important, if not the most important, pieces of data you’ll be able to view in your MyPortal. When logging in you’ll want to be greeted by a high score as this will mean your driving is up to scratch.

It’s important to regularly monitor your score so that you can make sure that you continue your good driving habits. If, for any reason, you do start to develop some poor driving habits such as cornering too fast, or braking too harshly, then your driving score will go down. This should prompt you to focus more closely on how you’re driving, so that you can get your performance score back up to where it needs to be.

Total Miles Used – You’ll be able to view the total number of miles you have used since the black box was installed in your car. Not only can you easily keep an eye on your mileage to make sure you don’t do too many, but you can use the information shown to give you a rough idea of how much fuel you use a week, for example.

Mileage Allowance – Your MyPortal dashboard will also show your current mileage allowance. This will be the number of miles you bought when you first took out your Young Driver insurance policy, however if it any point you need to increase your mileage allowance and you purchase more miles, your MyPortal will be updated to reflect this.

Vehicle Usage – Essentially, the vehicle usage will show you and your insurer how you drive your car, charting important driving measurements such as how fast you accelerate, how harshly you brake, how you drive around corners, and how fast you drive in relation to the speed limits. The black box will also look at things such as where your car is parked overnight and what type of journeys you make – whether that’s fewer longer journeys, or regular short drives, what times you tend to drive and a variety of other things. 

Past 20 Journeys – You’ll be able to view your past 20 journeys which can give you an insight into why your driving score is either good or bad, and anything in between. If you feel you’ve had a bad journey or a bad couple of days, you will be able to analyse those journeys to get to the bottom of what went wrong. 

Benefits of Checking Your Think Insurance MyPortal

There are numerous benefits to checking your Think Insurance MyPortal, many of which can help improve you as a driver, which benefits everyone. First of all, by regularly logging into your MyPortal account you can view the number of miles left on your policy, using both the Total Miles Used figure and your Mileage Allowance figure.

It’s important to keep track of how many miles you have left on your policy so that you don’t get a nasty surprise when you run out of miles and need to purchase more. If you are approaching your limit sooner than you anticipated you can look at your Past 20 Journeys as well as your Vehicle Usage to see where you may be able to adjust your journeys to make sure you stay within your mileage allowance. 


How to Get a Good Performance Score

Unfortunately, there isn’t a magic recipe for ensuring you get a perfect driving score, however there are things you can do to increase the chances. Not every tip here will be applicable to every young driver, and there will be certain things that some drivers just can’t do, but here are a few suggestions to help get you started:

  • Carefully choose where you park your car. This specifically refers to the areas you park in and, when possible, try to avoid parking in areas that have a record of high car related crime. You can easily look this up on if you’re not sure. Not only will it help your performance score, but ensuring your car is parked in a well-lit, low crime area can help reduce the likelihood of someone breaking in or stealing it.
  • Learning the ins and outs of how your car works and drives could also be beneficial, especially before undertaking journeys to new cities or going on the motorway. Knowing your car isn’t only important for your driving score, but it’s also important for your safety and those you share the road with.
  • Regular breaks on high mileage journeys are not only important for the safety of you, your passengers and other drivers on the road, they can also help make sure your performance score doesn’t take a big hit after a long journey. Avoiding high mileage journeys in general can help too, but when you do undertake a long journey such as a road trip, make sure you factor in several stops.
  • Make sure any named drivers, or anyone else that may drive your car such as a mechanic carrying out any work, know that you have a black box. The telematics device installed in your car doesn’t just monitor your driving, it monitors everyone who gets behind the wheel and has no way of knowing who is actually driving the car. This is why it’s important to emphasise to anyone driving your car that they are being monitored by a black box, and their driving, good or bad, will influence your score, potentially causing issues for you if they drive badly.
  • Finally, be careful when driving around with friends. It can be exciting at first, but don’t get carried away and be tempted to drive beyond your capabilities or skill level. Whilst you might think that sounds crazy, and you are confident you will always be in control, distracting passengers are a real danger so make sure you stay focused on the road.

What Happens If My Performance Score Gets Really Low?

In cases of poor driving resulting in a less than satisfactory driving score, a member of our Young Driving insurance team will be in contact to discuss your performance score with you. In most cases this doesn’t mean an automatic cancellation of your Young Driver insurance policy, however in certain circumstances, if your driving has been extremely bad, we may have no choice but to cancel your insurance policy. So be warned, and make sure you keep your performance score as high as possible.

What If I Run Out of Miles?

One of the easiest ways to make sure you get a lower premium for your Young Driver insurance is to work out how many miles you actually need. This can go either way, for example, and if you overestimate the number of miles you expect to do, you could end up overpaying for your Young Driver insurance if you end up driving under your mileage allowance.

On the other hand, running out of miles can see you face a costly and unwanted surprise. You can, of course simply purchase more miles at any point, and if it’s close to the end of your policy you may not end up paying that much for the extra miles you need to get you over line. However, if you have grossly underestimated your mileage you could be faced with having to buy several months’ worth of extra miles, which probably won’t be cheap, and may lead you to having to find the additional money that you hadn’t budgeted for! 

To make sure you don’t underestimate your mileage, think about all of the regular journeys you expect to make and the routes you take; one route might be quicker due to higher speed limits but actually a longer route when it comes to the distance. Regular journeys aren’t the only things you need to look at, so remember to think about what social journeys you are likely to make such as trips to the cinema or nights out as the designated driver. If you’re one of the first people in your friendship group to pass your driving test expect to become a taxi driver for a while, especially if you live in an area with poor public transportation.

How to Get Lower Car Insurance Premiums

Named Drivers

Adding a Named Driver to your policy can be a great and easy way of lowering the price of your Black Box insurance policy. Named Drivers are usually close relatives such as parents, guardians or even partners. However, for young drivers, your partner is likely to be a similar age so a parent or grandparent with a good driving history could help lower your premium.

When adding a Named Driver, be sure to emphasise to them that your car has a black box fitted. Whilst your additional drivers may have a good driving history on paper, the telematics device might not agree and you will be the one paying the consequences for any instances of poor driving they do in your car.

Low Mileage

It’s not possible for everyone, but if there are some journeys where you could use public transport, then it might not be worth paying for extra miles. Work out your key journeys such as your commute to a place of business or education and any errands your run, and you should get a rough estimate of the miles you need. However, be careful not to underestimate your mileage or even be tempted to lie in order to get a cheaper quote, as this will backfire on you when you need more miles later on.

Use a specialist insurance broker

Specialist insurance brokers are your best bet at finding a Young Driver insurance quote that you’re happy with. At Think Insurance we have a dedicated Young Driver insurance team waiting to help you get on the road with a price you’re happy with!

Avoid Fronting on Your Car Insurance Policy

With the high cost of Young Driver insurance, some people mistakenly think that fronting could be the route to a cheap, black-box-free insurance policy. Just because you are listed as a Named Driver on the policy it doesn’t mean you can drive the car all of the time.

If you are the main driver of the car you must be the main driver on the insurance policy, telling your insurance provider otherwise (known as fronting) is illegal as it’s a type of insurance fraud. Not only could you see your Car insurance voided or cancelled, you could also receive a criminal conviction. To make matters worse, many insurers simply won’t bother with anyone convicted of insurance fraud which will make it much harder for you to get insured as a young driver in the future.

Whilst you might think you’re saving money in the short-term, you are more than likely going to get caught and the consequences definitely won’t be worth it. In the event you need to claim on your insurance policy, you would find your claim rejected and you’d be out of pocket even further. So in short, don’t be tempted to do it! 

Choosing the Right Car

One of the things that can have a significant impact on the price of your Young Driver insurance is the car you intend to be driving. Whilst this might not be something you’re able to fully control, such as instances where the car is a hand-me-down or has been bought for you as a present, it’s still worth considering how much cheaper the price of Car insurance is for some cars in comparison to others.

In the same way that the price of Car insurance for young drivers is based on statistics, the price of insuring certain cars also comes down to statistics. Some vehicle makes and models are more likely to be involved in accidents or be associated with poor driving, which therefore leads to higher Car insurance premiums.

Knowing what cars to avoid can significantly help you find a price for your Young Driver insurance that you’re happy with. However, it’s not always easy to figure out which car is both right for you, and can also help you keep costs low when taking out a Young Driver insurance policy.

When buying your first car remember to think about the future. Firstly, think about how you might use the car in two to three years’ time. For example, you may be buying your first car whilst still in college or sixth form and then you’ll need it for university. This would mean that you’ll likely be driving something on the motorway and in inner cities – in this case you’d need something small but not terrifying to drive on the motorway and also something fuel efficient.

The second thing to look at when buying your first car, or any car for that matter, is how the motor industry is changing. From late 2016 there’s been a lot of negative press surrounding diesel cars, with inner city tariffs and bans implemented or proposed, so these might be ones to avoid.

womens car broken down phoning claim

Reduce Your Chances of a Claim 

Drive carefully 

It might be obvious considering your driving is being monitored by a telematics device, but it doesn’t just mean the way you drive as in your braking and acceleration; it also refers to your decision making too. Pay attention to everything that is going on around you, be vigilant to potential dangers, and be extra careful at roundabouts and junctions, making sure you're 100% certain it’s safe to go.

Avoid busy times 

The busier the roads are, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. Of course, it’s not always possible to avoid peak times but when it is, it would be wise to wait that extra half-hour before setting off on your journey.

Don’t drive tired 

You’ve probably seen the warnings on motorway journeys as a passenger, and they’re there for a good reason. If you feel tired make sure you take a break and don’t continue your journey until you feel ready.

Be mindful of where you park 

Avoid parking in areas that are notorious for high crime rates, it’s always worth the extra time to find a place your car is going to be safe in, and at night this includes well-lit areas. Car parks with CCTV cameras are usually your best chance of making sure your car is safe, as there’s nothing worse than coming back from a gig to find the driver’s seat covered in glass, or worse, your car gone. 

Being mindful of where you park isn’t just about preventing crime. If you’re parking on a hill for example make sure your handbrake is definitely on and the wheels are facing the correct way (as per the Highway Code). The last thing you want to happen is to get out of your car only to see it rolling back down the hill!

Compare Young Driver Insurance

If you’ve passed your Practical test and have bought, or are in the processing of choosing, your first car, you will now be on the hunt for cheap first time Car insurance for young drivers, and you will probably soon find that it might not be as easy as you hoped, to find a cheap quote that offers everything you need.

Firstly, make sure you do your research! The best thing you can do is compare Young Driver insurance policies, but before you start looking at quotes, you may want to compare what levels of cover are available. The most basic, and the minimum legal requirement, is Third Party Only; this covers any third party’s costs in the event you are found at fault for an accident with them, and it covers costs for damage to their property, or personal injury. The next level of cover is Third Party, Fire & Theft which covers the same as Third Party Only but also covers your own vehicle in the event of fire or theft. It may cover additional damages to your car, but this can often differ between insurers, so make sure you check if you opt for this level of cover. The highest level of cover is Comprehensive which usually includes everything already mentioned, plus cover for damage to your own vehicle too in the event of an accident that was your fault. In addition, Breakdown cover and Motor Legal Protection can also be included or added on to Young Driver insurance policies for additional peace of mind, should you want it. Consider the type of policy you want; are you happy to have a black box fitted in order to get a cheaper price, or are you happy to pay more to avoid having your driving monitored? These are some of the things you need to consider before deciding which route to go down.

You might also want to compare a Young Driver Black Box insurance policy against a standard Car insurance policy, to see which suits you best.

Once you have decided what you want from your policy, then you need to compare the different providers to see what they offer and how much they charge. One way of doing this is through a comparison site, however, one of the potential pitfalls with comparing young driver insurance online is that sometimes the quotes provided are based on certain assumptions, and because a website cannot speak to you to properly understand your requirements in the same was as a person can on the end of a phone, they won’t necessarily provide you with all of the different aspects of cover you need, and as such you could find yourself without the right cover after you’ve had an accident, when you really need it the most!

Likewise, there may be certain restrictions or conditions on the policies which, due to the nature of the comparison sites, there is not enough room to warn you about, or they may be hidden away in the Terms & Conditions, making it difficult for you to actually find out what you’re signing up to. As such, you could end up going ahead with a policy based on the low price online, but could find yourself without the cover you wanted, or limited by restrictions, rules and curfews. Therefore, as well as using a comparison site, do your research to find specialist brokers that may not be on these sites, to make sure you’re searching all of the options available to you.

Telematics policies are often centred around the mileage you use, based upon the principle that the more you’re on the road as a new driver, the greater the risk for the insurer, and therefore the higher the premium. The difficult thing for many new drivers though, is to understand realistically, how many miles they are going to need. The temptation with comparison sites is to put a low number of miles in when getting a quote, in the hope of achieving the cheapest premium, however this can often lead to problems later on in the policy term, when you quickly run out of miles and need to purchase more or face your policy being cancelled. It is often more expensive to top up your miles mid-term than it is to purchase them at the start of the policy due to the cost being influenced by your driving score up to that point. If you’ve not got a great score and need to buy more miles, this can seriously influence the cost of more miles. One of the advantages of speaking to a specialist broker is that they will talk you through your mileage plans, taking time to understand what you will be using the car for, how far you need to travel to college or work, and how much social driving you plan on doing, and they will help you arrive at a realistic figure. This may result in you paying more than some of the online quotes you’ve got, but it could save you money and hassle in the long run, by helping you get it right from the start.

What’s more, by just using a comparison website, you may actually find that you are missing out on some better deals from some of the Young Driver insurance specialists who don’t provide quotes online as they prefer to speak to you in person to understand exactly what it is you’re after, and provide a tailored quote that matches your needs.

This is why, when looking to compare Young Drivers Car insurance, the best course of action to take is to find a specialist broker, such as Think Insurance. Here at Think we have a team of highly dedicated and well-trained Young Driver insurance experts, who will be able to help you figure out exactly what you need. We also have access to exclusive schemes that you won’t be able to get through any other broker or a comparison site.

Not all insurance companies will offer a Young Driver insurance policy with a black box, which can make finding a cheap policy hard to achieve. A black box can help you save money on your insurance because it tracks your driving, which means you can prove that you are a safe young driver. You might be able to lower your premium even further by adding experienced named drivers and committing to low mileage, and on renewal you could get discounts for good driving and low mileage.

Why Choose Think For Young Driver Insurance

Think Insurance are an insurance broker with over 30 years of experience in a wide range of insurance products. Each type of insurance we offer, whether that’s Convicted Driver insurance or Black Box insurance, has its own dedicated team of insurance experts. Whoever you speak to about a Young Driver insurance policy at Think will have a wealth of knowledge and will be able to easily guide you through the process.

Not only do we have a team of dedicated insurance experts ready and waiting to help you get on the road, we’ve got a panel of Young Driver insurance providers to make sure you get the right price for your Black Box insurance. We only work with the best, so you get the best. What’s more we have exclusive access to prices that can’t be found anywhere else, not even by going to the insurers direct.

If you ever need to discuss your Young Driver insurance policy we are here to help, we’re not a nameless, faceless insurance company so if you’d like to speak to a member of our team that’s helped you before, we’ll do our best to make that happen.

What to Expect from a Think Insurance Young Driver Policy

Getting a Young Driver Insurance Quote

In this section we’ll outline the process of taking out a Young Driver insurance policy, from start to finish. We know that taking out your first insurance policy can be a daunting process, or even if you’ve had cover before but it’s your first time with us, you might want to know exactly what to expect. Read on to find out!

So, you’ve seen an advert for Think Insurance in the First Car magazine you’ve received after passing your test, or maybe you’ve Googled “young driver car insurance”, and now you’ve landed on our website… You might just be doing some research, and there’s lots of content to help you out. Don’t forget to check out our Frequently Asked Questions to see if someone else has already asked the same question that you have. If you still can’t find what you’re after, call our specialists on 0800 221 8077 and they’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction. 

If you’re ready for a quote,  click on one of the various  ‘Get A Quote’ buttons or links around the site and you’ll be taken through to the product selection page, after clicking the ‘Young Driver’ quote form you’ll be asked for a few simple details, to help get the quote process started.

After filling in your title, first name, last name, date of birth, email address, phone number and postcode, a member of our team will call to discuss a Young Driver Black Box insurance quote with you… So keep an eye out for calls from 01922 619640 as this is the number that will display on your phone when we ring (so make sure you answer!) If you’ve decided to call us directly we’ll ask for these simple details as part of the quotation process over the phone.

When speaking to a member of our Young Driver insurance team you will be asked a standard set of questions that all insurers need in order to deliver a quote. This will include things such as where the car is parked overnight, as well as the make and model of your car.

Once we’ve got all the information we need, our agent will search through our panel of handpicked insurers to get the best Young Driver insurance quote we have available. As soon as we’ve got all of the quotes back, we’ll be in touch to discuss your options with you and hopefully, if you’re happy with your price, you will decide to go ahead and take out a policy with us.

Becoming a Think Insurance Young Driver

Once you have taken out a Black Box insurance policy with us you will have seven days from the start of your policy, to get your black box fitted in your car by one of our black box engineers. In the meantime, you are free to drive your car without the black box fitted, however you must have the telematics device fitted within the required timescales otherwise you risk having your Young Driver insurance policy cancelled.

Following the successful installation of your black box you will be able to access your Think Insurance MyPortal within 48 hours, and view your driving performance stats to see how you’re doing. Some of our policies require you to log in to your Think Insurance MyPortal every seven days, so make sure you understand the rules of your policy… And that’s pretty much it!

As long as you drive sensibly and log in to your MyPortal as and when required, everything will be fine and hopefully you’ll enjoy your experience as a Think Insurance Young Driver, staying with us year-after-year!

Learner Driver Insurance

You don’t have to have passed your Practical Driving Test to become a Think Insurance young driver; we can also insure drivers with Provisional driving licences too. 


What’s more, the best thing about our Learner Driver insurance policy for young drivers is that once you pass your full test, the policy doesn’t change and the cost stays the same! Most Learner driver policies end as soon as you pass your test, and you have to take out a full policy which is usually a lot more expensive than your learner one – however not with us! Just call us and inform us of the good news. We’ll congratulate you, amend your policy to acknowledge that you’ve passed your test and wish you good luck with your driving. There will be no new policies, and no extra costs. You’ll still be classed as a young driver and will already have the black box installed in your car, which is why it’s so easy to continue the policy once you’ve passed.

However, it’s worth noting that the car you are insuring must be yours and it must have your name on the vehicle documents.

Ten Top Tips for Young Drivers

We realise this informative piece has been quite a long read so below we’ve summed up what we think are the top tips for Young Driver insurance. In no particular order they are:

1) Find a Young Driver Insurance Specialist

Your best bet of finding a Car insurance quote you’re happy with is to find a reputable Young Driver insurance specialist, because their policies will be underwritten with young drivers in mind.

2) Make Sure Your Policy Is Comprehensive

As a young driver you’re likely to make mistakes due to your relative lack of experience and accidents can happen, whether that’s reversing into a bollard or something more serious, so having a policy that covers your vehicle as well as third parties will put your mind at ease. In addition, you’ll be covered for damage to the vehicle as a result of theft or attempted theft, plus fire damage, giving your further peace of mind.

3) Get a Black Box

Telematics boxes can not only lower the price of Young Driver insurance policies, but the data can help you improve your own driving. They even work as a tracker too, so if your car is stolen your insurer may be able to tell the police where your car is, which hopefully means you’re able to recover the vehicle more quickly and in one piece.

4) Choose the Right Car

One of the easiest ways to make sure you’re not faced with extortionate quotes for your Young Driver Black Box insurance policy is to choose the right car. Small engine and low powered cars will be your best bet of achieving this, and you should also speak to friends who are currently on the road to see how much they pay to insure their car to give you an idea before you go out and buy a vehicle.

5) Take an Advanced Driving Course

To counter your inexperience as a young driver you should take an advanced driving course, as not only will this improve you as a driver it could help you find cheaper Car insurance as a young driver.

6) Drive Sensibly

After taking out a Black Box insurance policy for young drivers it goes without saying that you need to make sure you’re driving sensibly. Whichever insurer you choose, they won’t hesitate to cancel your policy if you start racing around town like you’re participating in the Singapore Grand Prix.

7) Don’t Rush into Long Journeys

After passing your test, getting your hands on your first car, and taking out a Black Box insurance policy, it’s tempting to take advantage of your new-found freedom and take a road trip somewhere, but we’d highly recommend against doing this in your first few months of driving. Make sure you get plenty of practice first and don’t go on any long journeys until you’ve got the experience and confidence to do so safely.

8) Get Used to Your Car

When you buy your first car you’re more than likely going to be driving one that’s different to the one you learned and/or practiced in, so before you start doing journeys in peak times or long journeys, get to know how your car works.

9) Make Sure Your Friends Know the Rules

After passing your test and buying a car many of your friends might see you as the group’s taxi, and whilst it’s great being the one with the car, make sure they know to behave when you’re behind the wheel. Friends nagging for control of the music or messing about with things in your car can be an unwanted distraction, especially if you’re new to driving.

10) Speak to an Experienced Insurer Such as Think Insurance

Taking out your first Car insurance policy can often be a daunting experience, especially as you will be new to the world of driving and may be unsure what level of cover you need or how many miles you’ll use. At Think Insurance we have many years’ experience helping young drivers just like you get on the road!

Driving in the Sunset

What Do I Do Now I Have Passed My Driving Test?

Just passed your driving test? Here's what you need to do next.

Car Speedometer 100mph

Can I Add Protected No Claims During My Current Policy?

Protected No Claims Bonus has to be included when you originally take out your policy.

driving while using mobile phone

Will I Have Windscreen Cover Under My Policy?

You can add Windscreen cover to your Motor Trade insurance policy.

driving stats online Pink

How Is My Driving Score Calculated?

Your driving performance score is based on a combination of three factors; smoothness, speed and usage.

Speedometer going 110mph

How will you measure speed, smoothness and usage?

There are two main components inside the black box that we use to monitor your statistics: A GPS tracker and an accelerometer.

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When Will I Be Able To Start Seeing My Driving Feedback?

You will be able to start seeing your driving performance via your dashboard, within 24 hours of having the black box installed and activated.

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What Kind of Information Can I View In My Portal?

In your Young Driver portal you will have access to several key pieces of data on your driving.

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Can my parents access my portal to see my performance?

You can give your parents your login details so that they can access your portal. However, the policy is in your name so the choice is all yours.

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Driving in the EU after Brexit

Find out how Brexit could affect you and your business in the coming months

Young Drivers

Learning to Drive With Your Parents

Can Your Parents Give You Driving Lessons?

Car Speeding On Road Left

New ‘Speed on Green’ Cameras are Catching Out Drivers Speeding Towards Traffic Lights

Beware! You Could Now Face A Fine For Driving Too Fast Towards Green Lights

MOT Center

MOT Test to Remain At Three Years

Government backs down from decision to increase MOT tests from three years to four years for new vehicles.

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DVSA Launches Beta MOT Reminder Service

The service has been launched due to a high percentage of overdue MOTs.

UK West Midlands

Top 10 'Crash For Cash' Insurance Scam Areas Revealed

Birmingham tops the list for most reported ‘crash for cash’ insurance scams.

Mobile Phones

Apple To Introduce Do Not Disturb Mode For Drivers

The new feature is being welcomed by road safety charities and automotive associations.


Why UK Drivers Could Face Huge Fines For EU Driving Offences

The new EU Directive explained, what you could be fined for, how and why!

Young Drivers

Top 5 ‘First Cars’ for New Drivers

What Are The Best First Cars to Get in 2019?

Young Driver Broken Down

Young Convicted Driver Insurance

Car insurance for young drivers with convictions can be difficult to obtain at an affordable cost. We strive to give you the best offer possible and with the help of our specialist team, it couldn’t be easier.

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Young Driver Car Insurance Brokers

Think Insurance are a Young Driver Car insurance broker with the experience to get you the best price. Get your quote here

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Car Insurance For Young Drivers With Points

If you require insurance for young drivers with points, we can help. We have a specialist convicted team to help provide the best advice and get the best quote

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Comparing Young Driver Insurance

When you go to compare Young Driver insurance it is important to consider a few things to get the best quote. See our tips here

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Tips On Cheap Insurance For Young Drivers

Looking for cheap car insurance for young drivers with points can be difficult. We can help get you the most adequate cover at the right cost. Get your quote here

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Deals for Young Drivers

If you need the best car insurance deals for young drivers, see our tips on how you can save and ensure you have the most adequate cover. Get your quote today

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Schemes For Young Driver

Looking for a good Young Drivers insurance scheme? Think Insurance are specialists and our Black Box insurance policies can help careful young drivers save money!