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Black Box Telematics

Are There Additional Benefits to Being Monitored?

There are numerous benefits to having a black box installed in your car.

It’s no secret that the main benefit of having a Black Box insurance policy is the cheaper Young Driver insurance premium you pay as a result. Having said that, it should not be understated as a benefit. With the average cost of running a car for a 17-year-old over £2,000 (2015 figure), this means finding any way to reduce that overall cost by finding cheaper insurance can be the difference between a young driver getting on the road or not!

In fact in March 2017 MPs were told that the average premium for a driver aged between 17 and 20 years old was a whopping £3,878 a year, and that’s just the average price! Therefore any Young Driver insurance policy that helps reduce the cost, such as a Black Box policy from Think Insurance, can be a huge help to a young driver’s finances.

Cheap Young Driver Black Box Insurance

One of the best benefits of having a Telematics box installed in your car is that the box can also act as a tracker. At first this might not sound like a benefit, but imagine if your car is stolen. Those without a black box installed in their car may face difficulty in locating it, and if a stolen car isn’t retrieved within the first 48 hours there’s a higher chance it may never be returned to its owner. However, as the black box has a location tracker, the last known or current location can be given to the police. They will then be in a better position to retrieve your vehicle and with any luck apprehend the people responsible.

The Telematics box can also detect sudden impacts so we are able to tell if you have been involved in an accident. The Accident Alert function in the Think black box will relay the information back to us and we will then contact you as soon as possible to make sure that you are ok.

In the event that you are involved in an accident, we may also be able to determine who is at fault by using the data that the box has collected in the moments leading up to, during and after the incident. This means that you will stand a better chance of not being blamed for an accident that wasn’t your fault, and therefore your No Claims Bonus could stay intact.

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The Think Insurance Black Box will gather several pieces of data about the crash including:

The force of the impact – The black box will be able to determine what the force of the impact was, which may give some indication to the speed the other vehicle was travelling at.

The direction which your car was moving in – This data would come in useful if someone collides with the rear of your vehicle and claims that you were driving in reverse, the black box would be able to report the opposite, proving you were in fact driving forwards.

The time and place of the incident – Accurate information is essential when settling a claim, therefore having the exact time and location of the incident recorded is beneficial.

The speed of the vehicle upon impact – You’ll be able to prove the speed you were going at was the correct speed for that road, therefore proving you were driving in a responsible manner.

Although we will have access to this data, if you are involved in a collision or accident you are still obligated to report any such incident to ourselves.

If you have any further questions, or need to discuss any part of your Young Driver insurance policy with us, our specialist Telematics insurance team are on hand - just call 0330 127 4100.