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Best Insurance Companies For Young Drivers

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Want The Best Insurance For Young Drivers?

Getting on the road as a young or first time driver can be very expensive. A lot of young drivers face sizable insurance costs after they pass their driving test, which can often be discouraging for young drivers, even preventing some from getting a car, and leaving them unable to prove that they’re sensible drivers.

As a young driver possibly arranging your first car insurance policy, this could be the first time that you encounter an insurance broker. This experience can be daunting for some, but our specialist young driver team will try to put you at ease and help you find the policy that’s right for you.

We appreciate that many young drivers are eager to get on the road after passing their test, which is why, in our efforts to be one of the best insurance companies for young drivers, we aim to make the process to get specialist Young Driver insurance as quick and as hassle-free as possible.

No Price Increase When You Pass!

Some brokers only offer separate Learner Driver policies and separate policies for when you’ve passed your Practical test. The Learner Driver policy will generally be much cheaper and only cover you while you’re learning to drive and expires as soon as you’ve passed your test meaning you may not even be able to drive yourself home from the Test Centre! You may also find then that the policy offered once you’ve passed your test jumps substantially in price making it seem almost unaffordable.

At Think, we offer a policy that runs with you from the point you start learning to drive, all the way through beyond your driving test, and the price doesn’t increase after you have passed. This means that you know exactly what you’ll be paying each month and won’t have any nasty surprises when it comes to trying to find cover after you’ve secured your full licence. While it may seem that you are paying more during your provisional / learning period, you’ll probably find that once you pass, you could be paying a lot less than if you had two separate policies.

What’s more, with one of our policies, you can start earning your No Claims Bonus straight away, even if you only hold a provisional licence. This means that if you take 6 months to pass your test, you will earn a full year’s No Claims Bonus after only 6 months of driving with your full licence. With two standalone policies from another broker (Provisional and Full), you won’t start earning bonus until you have passed your Practical test and taken out your full licence policy which means it will take you longer before you start earning NCB discounts. So, not only could one of our policies save you money over the duration of your first year of driving (including learning), it could mean that you save more at the end of the 12 months, at renewal, as you’ve earned 1 year’s No Claims Bonus too.

The UK’s Best insurance Broker – 3 Years Running!

It may be difficult to tell just how good your insurance broker is, until you need to call on their services for a claim or after an accident, and by then it will be too late to change your mind! As such, it is handy to get someone else’s view, to know if you’ve chosen the best insurance company for young drivers. So, what’s better than getting one recommendation? Getting hundreds?!

Every year, search the country to find the best provider in a variety of different industries, based on the number of recommendations each company receives from its customers. For the last 3 years, Think Insurance have been voted as the ‘UK’s Best insurance Broker’ having received more recommendations for our excellent customer service than anyone else!

To make the process even faster we suggest having all your details to hand, so make sure you have your driving licence, address, payment method and the driving licence details of anyone, such as a parent, who you wish to add to the insurance policy. You will also need to decide where the car is going to be kept at night, as these factors can have an effect on the price of your insurance policy. You will also need to know how many miles you are going to be driving. 

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How Can I Get Cheaper Young Driver Insurance?

If you’re in the market for Young Driver insurance and wish to make it as cheap as possible then there are a few things you can do to reduce your potential premium. Here are a few ideas on how to get the best deal for you…

Get Black Box Insurance For Young Drivers

To help make Car insurance for young drivers more affordable, we offer a Black Box insurance policy that allows young and newly qualified drivers to get on the road the same day. Whilst a black box will need to be installed in your vehicle, there’s no waiting and you can get on the road before your black box is installed (though your policy Excess will double until your box is fitted).

If you’re looking for the best insurance companies for young drivers, then you need to consider how quickly you can get insured and what (if any) the restrictions are. At Think Insurance none of our Young Driver insurance policies include restrictions and curfews. You set the mileage you think you will drive and you can drive whenever you like – though be aware that driving at times of the day deemed more dangerous, such as late evenings, will affect your driving score.

The black box measures how you are driving, recording your speed, braking, acceleration and other aspects such as the time of day and the roads you are driving on. With a Black Box insurance policy provided by Think Insurance, you can monitor your own progress as a driver by logging in to your Young Driver Dashboard to see where your driving needs to be improved, and where you’re already performing well. You can then learn from this feedback, and become a better, safer and more responsible driver which in turn will improve your driving score further, and lead to potentially greater discounts when it comes time to renew your policy.

Get The Correct Mileage!

Many young driver policies are mileage based, which means that you choose how many miles you want to do, and your premium is based on this. It is important that you consider this properly, and work out how many miles you think you will need for driving to college, to work or socially, and get the right amount set on your policy. Never be tempted to lie about your mileage to get cheaper insurance. Don’t forget, your black box will be recording your mileage so we will see how many you’ve done in comparison to the limit you originally set.

If you think you need more miles, you can call us and add more to your policy at any point, however this could cost more than it would have done, had they been included in the policy from the start as the cost will be determined by the driving score you have accumulated so far.

If you exceed your mileage allowance without purchasing additional miles then your policy can be cancelled, and you may find it more difficult to get cover again in the future.

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We’ve worked hard to build up our strong reputation and become one of the best insurance companies for young drivers. To get a quote, get on the road and behind the wheel with a good young driver insurance company, either click ‘Get a Quote’ below or you can call our Young Driver insurance experts for free on 0330 127 4100.