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Black Box Car Insurance For Young Drivers

As a specialist in Young Drivers, we offer Black Box Car insurance to help get you on the road at an affordable price. Get a quote today for Black Box Car insurance!

Many young drivers today are faced with expensive insurance premiums, and as a result are looking to Black Box insurance companies for cheaper car insurance…but what exactly is a black box, how does Black Box insurance work and how much does Black Box insurance cost?

What Is Black Box Insurance?

Black Box insurance, sometimes called Telematics insurance, aims to make cheap ‘Car insurance for Young drivers with a black box’ available to drivers under the age of 25.

A black box is a device which is fitted in the car of the Black Box insurance policyholder. The device, which is usually fitted in a discreet and out-of-sight position, monitors how safe the car is being driven. It records a number of elements of your driving including your acceleration, braking and cornering. It may also study your mileage, driving location and the time of day you are driving, to determine your overall driving score.

This driving score then tells the Black Box insurance company how well the vehicle is being driven, and some ‘Car insurance with black box’ policies offer discounts (on renewal) for drivers that regularly receive good driving scores. This means that good drivers get rewarded for their good driving, and are given access to cheaper Black Box insurance.

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What Are The Benefits Of Black Box Insurance?

Car insurance Black Box is there to help sensible young drivers (age 17-25) get on the road with a reasonable insurance premium, allowing them to prove they are responsible and safe drivers, which means they can build up their own No Claims Bonus. As well as bringing your insurance costs down, your black box can also act as a GPS tracker in the event your car is stolen. By tracking your black box, your insurance company would be able to pass the information onto the police, increasing the chance that you are reunited with your car. Lots of stolen cars can be broken down and sold for parts very quickly, and so the longer it takes for the vehicle to be found, the less likely it is of being recovered. With a black box, this can speed up the process, saving you and your insurer time and money.

How Can You Reduce Your Insurance Cost Further?

Insurance for young drivers can be expensive at first, but each year that you prove you’re a safe driver, the cost of cover can go down. However, you don’t have to wait until you’ve built up your No Claims Discount to start saving money; there are things you can do immediately to bring the price down before you take out Car insurance with a black box. Firstly, the type of car you drive has a tremendous impact on your insurance. If you opt to get a fast and powerful car, you may struggle to get a Black Box insurance quote at all, and if you do the cost will typically be higher. If you have a sensible car with less power, and you are able to add a family member who has a long and good driving history, you could help lower your insurance premium further. Committing to low mileage is also another way you can bring down your Car insurance with a black box premium, however make sure you don’t understate your mileage at the start of your policy, otherwise you may have to purchase additional miles and the cost can be higher than if you included them when taking your cover out in the first place. Also, failure to purchase additional miles can result in your policy being cancelled.

Never Be Tempted To Lie!

There’s one important thing that will cost you money, and that’s lying to your insurer! If you mislead your insurance broker about the condition or type of car you drive, where it’s kept overnight, or how many miles you drive then you could face having your insurance voided or cancelled. Don’t forget, your insurance broker will be seeing your car when the black box is installed, so it would be silly to risk lying as you’ll always get caught out.

Once you take out a Black Box Car insurance policy, most Young Driver insurance brokers will allow you to get on the road straight away, which means you don’t have to wait around for your black box engineer to install your black box – though be aware that your insurance excess will often be increased for the period until the box has been fitted (check your policy terms and conditions). 

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