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Black Box Telematics

Black Box Insurance - Are You Being Spied On?

How Black Box Insurance Works

Like many other aspects of insurance, it can all depend on the particular policy and insurer, but what does the typical black box insurance policy track and why?

How You Are Monitored?

When you have a black box installed as part of a young driver insurance policy, there will be several things that insurance companies may monitor. The main things monitored are speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. However depending on the insurer, many other parts of your driving can be monitored including where you drive, what type of roads you drive on, how you drive on them, and also the location of the car. If you’re concerned about how much data is being monitored then perhaps the best telematics insurance policies for you will only monitor how you drive and not where and what time.

Why Are You Monitored?

Black box insurance offers you a cheaper premium at the start of your policy, on the basis that you are signing up to be a better, more responsible driver. Insurance companies monitor your driving so they can make sure that you are driving in a safe manner and not putting yourself or drivers on the road at risk. And justifying the low cost of your cover. As a young driver, your experience on the road will be limited, so insurance premiums will be high and telematics policies are a quicker way of proving you’re the safe driver you say you are.


Many insurance companies now reward good drivers, so proving you’re safe and reliable driver could bag you some rewards. Additionally, your black box can act as a tracking and locating device in the unfortunate event your car is stolen. If you’re in an accident that’s not your fault, then the black box may also help to support your case by providing the exact speed you were travelling at, for example.

No Restrictions

Some insurance companies want to restrict when you want to drive and even your mileage, which as a young driver can be frustrating, so finding an insurance company that offers a competitive price without restriction is important. After all, more mileage means more experience!


If you’re a young driver and you need a telematics insurance policy that doesn’t restrict when you drive, doesn’t limit your mileage, and rewards you for good driving behaviour get in touch with Think Insurance today. We offer competitive prices as well as flexible payment options and a 24 hour claims line. Call 0330 127 4100 today to get a quote!