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Black Box Telematics

Can A Telematics Black Box Be Fitted To Any Car?

The black box can be fitted to most cars less than 20 years old as part of a Young Driver insurance policy.

Before going through the process of getting a Young Driver insurance policy with Think Insurance, you will probably be wondering if the black box can actually be fitted to your vehicle.

The black box can be easily fitted to almost any car less than 20 years old, by our specially trained black box installation engineers. There may be some makes or models that the box can’t be fitted to, so if you’re not sure, you should give us a call to find out before you buy your vehicle. Once you have taken out a Young Driver insurance policy with ourselves, we will contact you to arrange a time and a place for your black box to be fitted to your car. When the engineer arrives the process shouldn’t take long. If you’re wondering how much extra will the telematics box cost? You can find your answer by clicking the link.

In the period between purchasing your Telematics insurance policy and having the black box installed in your car, you will still be insured. However, the excess for this period will be higher than your normal excess amount, due to the increased risk.

The devices we use for our Telematics insurance policies are quite small, and this is for two reasons. We want to provide a black box that is both discreet and versatile enough to fit in the vehicles that are insured under our Young Driver insurance policies. One of the main reasons for having a small and discreet black box is that it helps prevent theft. Remember it’s important to make sure there is nothing left in your vehicle, when not in use, that a potential thief may find interesting.

In addition, if your car is broken into and the black box is easily visible, the people stealing your car might think to remove it before driving away. This means the telematics box would no longer be able to send the location of your car to your insurer, making it harder for the police to locate and retrieve your vehicle for you.

Whether a black box can be fitted to any car may not be your only question regarding Black Box insurance for young drivers. If you’re new to Black Box insurance you may have more questions such as queries about how the black box records your data, and how will you measure speed, smoothness and usage? Or maybe you want to know something else, and if so you can hopefully find the answers in our Young Driver FAQ section.

However, if you can’t find the answer there, feel free to give our specialist Young Driver insurance team a call by dialling 0800 220 8077. Or, if you’re ready for a quote, you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below.