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Young Driver Insurance Policy

Only the registered owner can take out an insurance policy on the vehicle.

Many Young Drivers faced with high premiums for their Car insurance policies will look to reduce the costs of driving, for example, using a car belonging to their parents on a part-time basis. However these vehicles cannot be insured by the young drivers themselves.

Parents who add their son or daughter to their policy will then face a higher insurance premium due to the increased risk on the car. However the young drivers won’t be able to access the benefits of having their own insurance policy, including the ability to build up a No Claims Bonus which can help reduce their Car insurance premium in the future. You also miss out on the benefits of having a black box device installed in your car, which can help you keep control of your driving habits and skills, allowing you to stamp out any bad habits before they become a problem, or tracking your vehicle if it is stolen.

can i get insurance for a car i dont own?

If it was possible to take out a Young Driver Black Box insurance policy on a vehicle that you were not the registered owner of, then this wouldn’t be a good idea because of the telematics device installed in the car. The device cannot determine who is driving the car, and it cannot be manually turned on or off for different drivers. As such, it records the driving performance data for the car as a whole, for any and every person driving that vehicle, and poor driving would then be automatically attributed to the Young Driver insurance policy holder, whether they were driving the car or not.

There are some people who use fronting as a way to get around the high insurance costs associated with Young Driver insurance. Fronting is when a person insures a vehicle under their name, but a named driver is actually the main driver of the car. This is usually a cheaper way of insuring a young driver on a vehicle owned by someone else, such as a parent, but it’s not legal and could see the insurance policy being cancelled and made void, which could lead to criminal prosecutions for those involved.

insurance for a car i dont own

Being the registered owner doesn’t mean that (if you are a parent) you cannot buy your child’s car for them, it simply means they must be listed as the registered owner if they are going to be the main driver of the car on a Telematics insurance policy. Similarly, parents are also welcome to pay the Young Driver insurance premium if they so wish. Parents that do this, with the agreement of their son or daughter, could also then access the Young Driver portal to see how their child is driving. However, for data protection purposes, only the named driver on the policy can give out their portal login details, as explained in the FAQ: Can my parents access my portal to see my performance?

If you have any more questions regarding taking out a Young Driver Telematics insurance policy through Think Insurance, such as How Will You Use My Data? then you might find the answer in our FAQ section. However if you cannot find what you’re after there, then our team of specialist Young Driver insurance experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have, as well as helping to set up a Black Box  insurance policy.

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