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Can I View My Driving Information?

We highly encourage you to regularly view your driving information via the online portal.

As part of our Young Driver insurance, one of our main aims is to encourage the drivers on our policies to be safe and responsible, because we want to help our young drivers improve, and we want safer roads across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Therefore we are always encouraging our young drivers to regularly review their information on their dashboard, and there are many benefits of doing so:

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Driving Performance – One of the most important things you will be able to look at when accessing your driving information is your actual driving performance. This is an integral part of your experience of being insured on a Young Driver Black Box insurance policy. Having access to this information can be incredibly important because it gives you the ability to see exactly how you are driving. Your driving performance is split in to several areas, and you can see how well you’re doing when it comes to your acceleration, braking, cornering and driving speed. What this access allows you to do, is address any issues with your driving performance, and hopefully by doing that before they become a problem, it will affect your driving score in a positive way.

Keep Track Of Your Mileage – Whilst we don’t restrict the miles that you can do, you set the amount you want to purchase when you take out your policy, and you can keep track of how many you’ve done in your young driver online portal. However, whilst there is a limit based on what you’ve purchased, it isn’t restricted and you can increase your allowance at any point, though the cost of additional miles is based on your current driving score and so can be more expensive than if you’d bought them at the start of your policy. This is why it’s important for you to keep an eye on the mileage so you can either prepare your finances to allow yourself to purchase more miles if you know you’re going to hit your limit, or you can alter your vehicle usage to make sure that you do not reach your pre-set mileage limit.

Individual Journey Details – One of the things we like to encourage here at Think Insurance is the drivers on our Young Driver insurance policies to improve their driving skills. One of the best ways to do that is by looking at the individual journeys you have made. It’s no good to you if your Driving Performance Score is low and you aren’t able to analyse your driving feedback to see where you’re going wrong. Being able to look at individual journey details is especially useful if you are consistently getting a low score and you make the same journeys often.

Monitor Your Driving Score – This is an important part of having access to your driving information, and being able to see what your driving score is at any one time allows you the opportunity to amend any poor driving behaviour before it has a lasting negative impact. Remember, to get a good driving discount at renewal time you need to have a good driving score come the end of the year.

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How To View Your Driving Information

When you take out a Young Driver insurance policy with Think you should receive an email containing your Young Driver portal login details. If you have already taken out the policy and have not received the email, please contact us immediately, so that we can resolve the issue.

If you have got any questions about your driving information or any other part of our Telematics insurance policy, and haven’t found the answers in our Young Driver FAQs, you can always ring us on 0330 127 4100.

Alternatively if you’re looking for a Young Driver Black Box insurance quote you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below.