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Can my parents access my portal to see my performance?

You can give your parents your login details so that they can access your portal. However, the policy is in your name so the choice is all yours.

As the Young Driver insurance policy holder, the choice to give your parents the details to access your Young Driver portal is up to you. As the policy is in your name, we cannot give out that information to your parents, so it can only come from you.

If your parents pay for your Young Driver insurance policy then they may request the information so they can keep an eye on your driving, but again, we cannot give that information directly to your parents and if they request the details, the decision is ultimately up to you.

What information can they view?

Anyone you allow access to your Young Driver portal will be able to view several pieces of information about your Young Driver insurance policy and your driving data.

Driving Score – This is your overall performance  score calculated using a number of factors such as the speed you are travelling at, cornering, braking, journey times and volume and length of stops.

Miles – The portal displays the miles you have done and how many you have left on your Young Driver insurance policy, so you can purchase any extra miles before you exceed your allowance. 

Vehicle Usage – This shows your score for certain attributes of your driving, including usage and speed.

Last 20 Journeys – This gives a breakdown of your most recent 20 journeys and other useful details about them.

Giving someone such as your parents or guardians access to your Young Driver portal can be seen as a positive thing, especially if you have started to get a lower driving score recently. Your parents may be able to see something you don’t, and help you improve.

You can find out a bit more on what sort of information you can find in your Young Driver portal by reading the what kind of information can I view in my portal? FAQ.

Important To Check Your Young Driver Portal

If you are insured under some of our Think Insurance Young Driver policies, you must login in to the portal every week to review your performance. However, that’s not the only reason you should check your Young Driver portal, as it contains information that you will find useful, especially if your driving score has started to decline, as you’ll be able to look back at your last 20 journeys and will hopefully be able to spot any trends or changes in driving behaviour that’s causing your score to go down.

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If you are yet to take out a Young Driver insurance policy with Think Insurance then you can do so by calling 0800 221 8077 and speaking to a member of our Young Driver team. They’ll be happy to help walk you through the process and can answer any additional questions you may have. You can also receive a quote by clicking ‘Get a Quote’ below this FAQ article.