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Deals for Young Drivers

If you need the best car insurance deals for young drivers, see our tips on how you can save and ensure you have the most adequate cover. Get your quote today

Car Insurance Deals For Young Drivers

Everyone loves a good deal and that’s especially true when it comes to insurance, and if you are a young driver then you will definitely be on the lookout for Car insurance deals for young drivers.

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Getting The Right Insurance Deal

As with any other type of deal, the cheapest isn’t always the best! Though you might be keen to save money, you should also be wary of going for the cheapest deal on Young Driver insurance. The cheapest policy might not cover everything you need and whilst it might save you money in the short term, you may end up out of pocket in the long term. 

One thing to look out for is a high mandatory excess. What you should ask yourself is, if you were involved in accident tomorrow would you be able to part with that amount of money to get yourself back on the road? You should also be wary about putting a high voluntary excess for the same reason. You may be comfortable with that amount when choosing your insurance but make sure the mandatory excess isn’t high as well, as the combination could cause you problems. Being vigilant and aware on what costs you may incur if you had to claim or cancel your insurance cover is an important part of finding the right Young Drivers insurance deal.

Getting The Right Cover For You

Getting the right cover is just as important as getting the best deal, for exactly the same reason as making sure you can afford the excess. Choosing a Third Party Young Driver insurance policy, which only covers damage to a third party in the event of an ‘at fault’ accident, may be costly if your car is stolen and you need to replace it.

When looking for cheap insurance quotes for young drivers you may find that a Comprehensive Young Driver insurance policy isn’t amongst the lowest priced, but this type of policy could usually be the best insurance for young drivers, so what can you do? Well, you could find a specialist Young Driver insurance broker such as Think Insurance! 

When you’re looking for Car insurance deals for young drivers, one of the most important things you need to look at, is what type of policy you want. There are typically two kinds of young driver policies; standard Car insurance, and Young Driver Black Box insurance. At Think, we only offer Black Box Car insurance policies to drivers under 25, and we only want careful, responsible and safe young drivers on our books. With a Black Box policy, you’re driving performance is monitored and in return, you are rewarded in advance, with a cheap Young Driver Car insurance premium.

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Why Choose Think Insurance?

If you were to use Think Insurance to help you find the best deal on your Young Driver insurance or your Black Box Car insurance policy then, as well as an award-winning and specialist team, and great rates and deals on your cover, you could also have access to flexible payment options, which could help you spread the cost of your insurance premium.

At Think Insurance we strive to offer some of the best cheap Car insurance for young drivers with a black box, and we have access to exclusive Black Box insurance deals that can’t be found elsewhere. A Young Driver insurance policy from Think Insurance doesn’t have any curfews or restrictions around where and when you drive, and on renewal, you could be rewarded with discounts for low mileage and good driving performance!

Want To Know More On Our Car Insurance Deals For Young Drivers?

If it sounds like a good deal, click ‘Get a Quote’ below or, if you want to know more, you can discuss our Car insurance deals for young drivers with our specialist Young Driver insurance team by calling 0800 221 8077.