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Car Insurance For Young Drivers Under 21

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Save Money On Insurance When You Are Under 21

New drivers and those who have just passed their test under the age of 21 will almost always pay more for their car insurance, because younger drivers are generally more likely to be involved in an accident. Finding a cheap Car insurance quote that covers you for everything you need is not easy for drivers between the ages of 17 and 21. 

save money on young driver car insurance

The younger you are, the less experience you have behind the wheel, and unfortunately, the statistics for young drivers involved in accidents can seem pretty scary when compared to those of older drivers. Too many seem to forget or discard what they were taught with their driving instructor, attempting to drive beyond their capabilities, too quickly. Some of the worst times for young drivers are at night, or whilst driving on country roads, where the risks are more frequent and the perils higher, and trying to drive too fast can quickly cause problems for you and other road users. There are also more distractions for drivers these days, particularly mobile phones, which are responsible for more accidents than ever before, despite it being a criminal offence to use one whilst behind the wheel. 

We know that putting what you learn in your driving lessons into practice isn’t easy. Roads are busier than ever, so new drivers need to pay more care and attention to their surroundings and other road users. Sadly, far too many get involved in accidents before they are 21, with 28% involved in a crash, and 1 in 4 having a crash within two years of passing their test, according to an AA study. 

These scary statistics are one of the main reasons prices are higher for drivers under 21. Once a young driver has gained some experience and has managed to get a year or two’s No Claims Bonus under their belt, the costs usually go down and insurance becomes more affordable. Doing a Pass Plus course after passing your test also helps, but more can be done if you want to try and keep your insurance costs low. It can be a vicious circle; you can’t gain driving experience and lower your insurance cost without being able to drive, and often, you may not be able to drive because you can’t afford the cost of the insurance. As a specialist for under 21 year olds, it is our aim to help careful young drivers get affordable Car insurance, and help them to get on the road.

How to Get Cheaper Car Insurance Under 21 Years Old

We understand that getting cheap Car insurance can be a struggle due to being young and inexperienced when it comes to driving, but not all hope is lost! There are a few things that can help you cut costs and lower your potential premium.

Increase Your Excess

By increasing your Excess, you are essentially telling an insurer how much you will be willing to pay towards damage repairs in the case of an accident. This is usually a good way to show an insurer that they aren’t taking all the risk themselves, and shows a commitment by a young driver to driving as safely and carefully as they can, doing their utmost to avoid having to make a claim.

If you were to decide to do this, you should make sure that the level of Excess you choose is affordable; you don’t want to choose an Excess that isn’t realistic just to cut down the costs of you insurance, and end up having to fork out more than you can afford when it comes time to make a claim. Remember, this is money leaving your pocket in the event of an accident!

Get a Black Box Installed

With our Black Box insurance policies, drivers under 21 can get a telematics box fitted discreetly to their car, which monitors and transmits data about how you drive, to your insurer. The box monitors your speed, braking, acceleration and how you drive around corners, while also keeping an eye on when you drive and the number of miles too. This information helps keep insurance premiums lower since drivers tend to drive more carefully if they know their performance is being monitored, which for new drivers developing their driving style and ability, can be crucial in helping form good long-term driving habits and behaviour.

With a black box policy , you only pay for the miles you need, and as younger drivers tend to drive less than older, more experienced ones, this can help bring the cost down. You simply choose the number of miles you want based on how many you think you’ll need, and the box will keep track of how many you do. If it looks like you’re likely to end up driving more miles than you thought, you simply contact our specialist team and purchase more miles to add to your policy. The box works out how well you are driving, and the better your driving score, the bigger the discount you could earn when it comes time to renew.

save money with black box car insurance

Saving money as a driver under 21 should not be a headache - here are a few benefits of getting your Black Box insurance with Think:

  • Good drivers can get better discounts at renewal;
  • Flexible payment options available for drivers under 21;
  • You can lower the cost of cover by adding a more experienced named driver, such as a parent, onto the policy;
  • Set a fixed number of miles per year, which can further reduce costs;
  • Add more miles to your policy at any time if you think you’re going to do more driving;
  • Review your driving score, through our Online Driver Portal. Find out where you need to improve and where you’re excelling;
  • No curfew! Drive when you want, where you want;
  • Our specialist team are experts when it comes to helping young drivers under 21 get car insurance.

Find out how we can help you save money today. Driving when you are under 21 should not break the bank! Get more from your hard earned money with a low-cost Black Box insurance policy from Think. Give us a call or get a quote online today.

Other Ways to Save

There are other ways to decrease your potential premiums that may not have a heavy impact on you financially. Here are just a few alterations that may save you money:

Vehicle of Choice – The car you drive impacts the price of your premium. If you have flexibility with your vehicle choice you may want to research specific models of cars that are suitable for you and are also cost friendly when it comes to insurance and running expenses.

Vehicle Safety – The safety of your vehicle is your insurer’s priority. This means that where you store your vehicle can have implications on potential premiums. Storing your car in a locked garage may afford you a lower premium compared to keeping it on the side of a busy public road at night.

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