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If you’re a learner driver looking for Car insurance to cover you while you learn and practice, and then carry on with you once you’ve passed your practical test then get a quote today!

Before getting behind the wheel of any car, the first thing you need to do is make sure you have the right insurance in place. If you’re being taught in a driving instructor’s car then it will be up to them make sure they have the correct insurance, however if you are learning to drive in your own car or that of a friend or relative, then you will need Car insurance for learner drivers.

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What Is Young Learner Driver Insurance?

Young Learner Driver insurance is an insurance product aimed at young people who are learning to drive. It specifically caters for learner drivers, taking all the risks associated with someone who hasn’t passed their practical test yet, into account.

Instead of being added to the insurance policy of a friend or relative, which could cause their premium to skyrocket, you get your own specially tailored Learner Drivers insurance policy. This may even be cheaper than being added to another person’s insurance policy, plus you will also start building up your own No Claims Bonus.

A young learner driver policy will be similar to Car insurance for young drivers under 21, as it will provide the same level of cover (Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, and Comprehensive), and will also require the fitting of a black box. The black box is fitted to your car (out of sight behind the dashboard) and it measures how you are driving. The better you drive, the higher your score, and the higher your score, the bigger your discount could be at renewal.

Do I Need Young Learner Driver Insurance?

Anyone who drives on UK roads must have the correct insurance, which will be at least ‘securing against third party risks’. This is usually called Third Party Only insurance, and is often the minimum level of cover available.

The Driving Standards Agency recommends you get 20 hours of extra practice outside of your regular driving lessons, so it would be a good idea, if you have access to a car, to get young Learner Driver insurance and get practicing out on the road.

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How Think Insurance Can Help

If you have your own car to practice in, which isn’t owned and used permanently by someone else, then you may be eligible to take out a Young Learner Driver insurance policy with Think Insurance. Our policies don’t restrict you from driving at certain times, with no curfews in place so you can practice at any time. We also offer discounts for low mileage.

The Think Insurance young driver policy is popular with those looking for cheap Car insurance for young drivers with a black box. The policy allows you to learn in your own car and once you’ve passed you are automatically transferred to our Young Driver Black Box insurance policy – and there are no increases in your premium! This means that you can go out in your own car without anyone else as soon as you’ve informed us that you have passed your practical driving exam. This also means you won’t waste any time searching for cheap Car insurance for young drivers once you’ve passed, as you will already be insured and ready to go!

Our Learner Driver policies can benefit from the following features:

  • No price increase when you pass your practical test
  • Black box fitted to your vehicle
  • No curfews
  • Discounts for low mileage
  • Only buy the miles you need
  • Driving feedback via web portal
  • ‘Good Driver’ discounts at renewal
  • Instalments available

Get A Specialist Learner Driver Insurance Quote Today!

There’s no curfew and you can even get discounts for low mileage, so what are you waiting for? Click Get a Quote below or call us on 0330 127 4100 to speak to one of our Learner Driver insurance experts.


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