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Cheap Car Insurance For Young Drivers

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Young Drivers: Get Cheap Car Insurance Today 

Young drivers have always faced higher insurance premiums. Insurance companies consider young drivers, between the ages of 17 and 25, a higher risk, especially at night, on country roads and when driving too fast in urban areas. 

Tragically, 1 in 3 driving and road accidents, where people are killed or seriously injured, involve someone under the age of 25. Most accidents are either caused by inexperience, alcohol or drugs, or other distractions, including using mobile phones when driving. According to the AA, nearly one-third of drivers between 18 and 24 years old have been involved in a crash, and 37% have been involved in an accident by the age of 23. 

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These scary statistics are one of the main reasons that insurance companies charge more for those under 25. There are a number of factors taken into consideration, not just inexperience. Insurers also consider the age and value of your car (as young drivers tend to drive cheaper, and potentially less safe, vehicles), where your vehicle is kept (many young drivers will be studying at university and therefore their car may be parked in higher risk, city centre locations), and also the amount of miles you drive (the more time on the road, the more opportunity for you to be involved in an accident). Despite all of this, for every accident involving a young person, there are also lots of young drivers who drive safely and carefully, and who shouldn’t be punished with high insurance premiums as a result of other people’s actions. This is one of the reasons we chose to offer young drivers a Black Box insurance policy that could help them to save money and prove they are a responsible, careful driver. 

With Telematics insurance, where we discreetly install a small black box behind the dashboard of your car, we can save young drivers money. We want to help young drivers with less experience get better, and earn their way to cheap car insurance. Not only do our black boxes send us vital information that helps keep premiums low, such as how you brake and accelerate, how fast you drive and how you drive around corners, but they can also help young drivers improve their skills, thanks to our Online Driver Portal, where you can check your driver performance score and see how well (or not!) you’ve been driving on each journey you make. 

Black Box Insurance for under 25s

Along with a Black Box, there are other ways to get cheaper insurance as a young driver: 

  • Set a mileage cap, so only pay for the miles you need;
  • Think about the level of cover you need. It is the law to have car insurance if you drive on UK roads, but you have several options to choose from: Third Party Only, Third Party, Fire & Theft, Comprehensive 

Contact us for a quote to find out which cover best meets your needs.

  • Drive carefully and safely and get rewarded with a ‘Good Driver’ discount at renewal;
  • Flexible payment options available for drivers under 25;
  • Reduce the cost further by adding a more experienced named driver onto your policy, such as one of your parents

Saving money as a new or inexperienced driver has never been easier, especially with our Black Box insurance policies. With the help of our specialist team, and by using our Online Driver Portal to monitor and improve your driving performance, you can save money whilst you gain confidence and improve your ability behind the wheel. 

Now is the perfect time to find out if you can save money with cheaper young driver car insurance from Think. Get in touch and let our young driver experts help you find cheap car insurance for young drivers 

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