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Think Insurance offer Cheap Black Box Car insurance policies for Young Drivers, helping you save money and improve your driving ability. Get a quote.

Save Money On Young Drivers Car Insurance Today 

Car insurance is a big expense for young drivers. Insurance companies consider new drivers a higher risk since they have less experience and have not built up their No Claims Bonus, which helps reduce insurance costs. Get a quote today to find the best way to keep your car insurance low as a young driver, with the help of a black box policy. 

Young men, drivers under 21 and newly passed drivers generally incur the highest costs when shopping for car insurance. Some insurance companies won’t insure drivers under 21 at all, while others impose curfews on new drivers, since late night driving, for those aged 17 to 25, is considered more risky. We don't think finding a cheap Black Box insurance quote for a new driver should be a headache. In fact, if you want a cheap quote as a young driver, then you have come to the right place!

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With our Black Box insurance policies, we can make it easy for young drivers to show they can be just as careful as those with more experience. Black Box policies, also known as Telematics insurance, involve getting a discreet black box installed to your car, which sends information to us about your driving behaviour, style and speed. 

There are numerous advantages to getting Black Box insurance as a young driver, including: 

  • Cheaper premiums – By committing to driving carefully and having your performance monitored, Insurers will reward you with discounted premiums upfront Lower renewal costs – the better you drive throughout your policy, the better your driving score, and in return, the better your renewal discount could be
  • Aimed at new drivers and those under 21, young drivers can get better rates with a black box, than without one
  • Set a fixed number of miles per year, which can further reduce costs.
  • Top up your miles at any point in the year if you think you will exceed your limit.
  • Review your driving performance through our Online Driver Portal. Find out how to improve and where you are already excelling.
  • No curfew! Drive when you want and where you want.
  • Professional installation of the black box – out of site, behind your dashboard.
  • Theft support: Quick, real-time tracking available in case of theft.
  • Accident assistance: Black boxes can demonstrate what happened from the driver's perspective, in case of an accident, potentially reducing your costs should you have a crash.

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Get a quote today if you want to save money on your young driver car insurance with a black box. 

It isn’t only young drivers who love saving money on car insurance; parents, who are often the ones paying for their son or daughter’s insurance, are also keen to ensure they are safe as well as saving money, which is another reason why black box policies are proving popular. Drivers who are looking to improve, or keep a closer eye on their skills, are benefiting as much from the cheaper prices, as the Online Driver Portal, which is a great way to reinforce where you need to improve, and where you could benefit from a little more practice. 

Saving money and improving your driving ability has never been easier for new and inexperienced drivers. With Black Box insurance, you can get on the road, without it costing the earth, knowing that data is being recorded that will make it easier to demonstrate how you drive so that when it comes time to renew your policy, your insurance should get even cheaper. 

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