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Cheap First Time Car Insurance For Young Drivers

Obtaining cheap first time Car insurance for young drivers can be difficult, but Think Insurance know ways to help you save. Get a quote today

You’ve passed your test, got a car and you’ve just seen how much first time insurance for young drivers costs…But don’t panic! It doesn’t have to be so expensive! All you need to do is contact us to find cheap first time Car insurance for young drivers.

Why You Need Insurance

Seeing the price of Car insurance for young drivers under 21 can make you question if you’re ever going to be able to afford to get on the road. You might be tempted to forgo insuring yourself altogether, but don’t! This would be a terrible idea. If you get caught without insurance, you would be convicted of driving without securing third party risks, and would receive an IN10 endorsement on your licence, making it even harder for you to get affordable Car insurance in the future.

why is young driver insurance so expensive

Why Is Young Driver Insurance So Expensive?

The good news is that Young Drivers seem to be getting better! The number of drivers aged between 17 and 24 that are killed or seriously injured has dropped 79% since 1979. However, young drivers are still seen as high risk, with one in four drivers caught driving over the legal drink drive limit, aged under 25, according to 2013 stats from the Department of Transport.

The stats from DoT also show that young drivers statistically drive more at night, with 6% of younger driver miles clocked up in the evening, compared to older drivers at 3%.

Another reason that Car insurance for first time young drivers is so expensive is due to young drivers’ experience, or lack of, and the stats back this up. The stats show that 82% of young driver casualties occur on rural roads, which are notorious for high speed limits coupled with blind blends, dips, narrow lanes, and other distractions which can easily catch out first time drivers.

how to get cheap young driver insurance

How To Get Cheap First Time Car Insurance For Young Drivers

As well as driving carefully and responsibly, one of the other most important things you need to do is get a sensible car; you might be able to afford a powerful motor with a big engine, but when it comes time to insure it, you could be left with a big bill (if you can even get cover for it at all!). You need to be careful when buying a car, as some have low litre engines but can produce a fair bit of power such as some Ford EcoBoost engines. If you’ve spotted a car you like, do a bit of research and find out what insurance group it’s likely to be in; the lower the better. It might be worth looking to additional driving skills courses, as some insurers may offer a discount for first time drivers that have completed Pass Plus courses too.

Once you’ve got a car, and perhaps passed a Pass Plus course, the best way to get an affordable Young Driver insurance quote is to go through Young Driver insurance specialists , as they will have dealt with thousands of young first time drivers similar to you. They’ll be able to assist you in getting the right insurance needed, and will be able to guide you on things like breakdown cover too. It’s essential to make sure you have the right cover, and going through a young driver specialist is the best way to do that.

Get First Time Driver Insurance From Think Insurance

If you need to get first time insurance for a young driver, there’s no better place to go than Think Insurance. Our Black Box Young Driver insurance policies come with no curfews, and offer discounts for low mileage. Click Get a Quote below or to speak to one of our young driver specialists, call 0330 127 4100.