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Could We Have Flying Cars In The Sky By 2018?

Dutch Firm Open Waiting Lists

According to PAL-V Europe NV, a flying car will be on the market in the next two to three years.

What Has Happened?

The company behind the PAL-V have successful applied for a patent in India and have now opened waiting lists for prospective buyers with an expected price of just under £400,000.

What Is The PAL-V ONE?

The machine is a three-wheeled, helicopter looking car which can reach speeds of up to 110mph on land and in the air. Depending on the model, the flying range will be up to 315 miles, and will have a driving range of 750 miles. In the air the PAL-V has been described as ‘like a standard’ gyrocopter by the Dutch company behind it. It will be powered by petrol, but versions that use bio-ethanol or biodiesel fuel will be available too, and it needs a strip of 540 feet to take-off on either a paved surface or grass.

The Company

Founded in 2001, PAL-V Europe NV was created to design an aircraft that could operate on the road. In 2005 the company reached a breakthrough after further developing DVC tilting technology, helping to turn ‘roadable aircraft’ into a real flying car. In 2012 the proof-of-concept prototype was flown. After the maiden flight of the PAL-V ONE Robert Dingemanse, CEO and co-founder of PAL-V said: “We are very proud to announce this successful maiden flight of the PAL-V and we now invite investors to create the future with us. We know there is a lot of interest for the PAL-V. Prior to announcing these test flights, we were already approached on a daily basis by potential customers and dealers wanting to be part of this exciting project.”

Will Flying Cars Be The Norm?

We’re not so sure, but we are interested to see how it develops over the next few years. Who knows, we may even become a flying car insurance specialist!

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