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Does Comprehensive Insurance Cover Me To Drive Any Car?

On a Young Driver Telematics insurance policy, you will only be covered to drive your own car.

We are unable to insure you to drive any vehicle but your own. This is because a Young Driver insurance policy through Think Insurance relies on a black box device to monitor how well you are driving, therefore we cannot cover you to drive a different vehicle to the one the telematics device is installed in.

Even if the car you want to drive has a telematics device, whether it was installed by a Telematics installation engineer employed by Think Insurance or not, you will still be uninsured to drive that vehicle under your Black Box Young Driver insurance policy obtained through Think Insurance.

insured to drive any car on comprehensive insurance

However there is nothing stopping you from being a named driver on someone else’s Car insurance policy. You can also have other people such as a parent as a named driver on your policy. If you do, it would be wise to warn any named drivers that a black box has been installed in your car and if they drive in an irresponsible manner it will affect your Young Driver Driving Score and could also impact your insurance premium when it comes to renewing your Telematics insurance policy.

Whilst we are unable to insure you in any capacity to drive another car under your own Black Box Insurance policy, our bespoke Young Driver insurance policies have many other benefits, which include:

no curfews young driver insurance

No curfews – Under our Young Driver insurance policies you can drive at any time you like, whether it’s a 2am run to a fast food restaurant or your 8am commute to college, there are no restrictions. However driving at busy times might not give you as high a driving score as you would earn were you driving at a quieter time.

Increase mileage – If you have taken out a Black Box Young Driver insurance policy through Think Insurance but you are rapidly approaching your mileage limit, you will be given the opportunity to increase your mileage allowance, though please note this will incur a fee. This can be quite useful if you aren’t nearing the end of your policy and/or you still need to use your car – for example if you use your car to commute to work or college. Please note, failure to increase your mileage if you are close to your limit, may result in the cancellation of your policy.

Stop bad habits – This is easily one of the best benefits of having Young Driver insurance with a Black Box. The data recorded from the box will be able to help improve your driving, and may be able to give you an insight in to why you make certain errors whilst driving. Getting a grip on bad habits early can be really beneficial for your driving career, and it could help you avoid getting speeding tickets, or other driving convictions.

Locate your car – In the unfortunate event your car has been stolen, whether it’s been taken from a car park or your driveway, the police will be able to use the data from your black box to locate where the car’s last known location was. This is incredibly useful because following the first 48 hours after a car has been stolen, the chances of the vehicle being recovered dramatically reduces when compared to the first 48 hours. More information on what you need to do in the event your car has been stolen can be found in the FAQ: My Car Has Been Stolen, What Do I Do?

If you have any other questions about getting a Young Driver insurance policy through Think Insurance you can view many answered questions in our Young Driver insurance FAQ page.

However if you are unable to find the answer to your query then a member of our specialist Telematics insurance for Young Drivers team will be able to help you. You can speak to a member of our Young Driver team by calling 0800 221 8077. You can also get a quote by ringing that number or clicking ‘Get a Quote’ below.