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How Will I Receive My Insurance Policy Documents?

You have the choice of receiving your documents via email or post.

There are two ways you can receive your Young Driver insurance policy documents. You can either choose to have them sent to you by post or, alternatively you can have them sent to you via email. If you choose to have them posted, we will also send them to the email address you have provided us with. Giving you both a physical copy and a digital copy for your records.

When will I receive my Young Driver insurance documentation?

Once the policy is sorted the documentation should be emailed straight away but if you opted for the documents to be sent by post it will take a few days, depending on the start day of your policy. If you have requested copies of your Black Box insurance documentation to be sent to you by post and you haven’t received them within seven working days of taking out your Young Driver Black Box insurance policy, please contact us so that we can investigate the issue.

If you have opted for your insurance policy documents to be emailed to you, but after a few days have received nothing, your first port of call should be to check your junk email folder, and your deleted email folder just in case. However, if you still cannot locate the email, then calling up our Black Box insurance team on 0800 221 8066, would be the best course of action, and the quickest way to resolve the matter. Alternatively if you were to contact us via our Facebook page we ask that in your message you include the email address you provided us with so that our Social Media team can pass on your request quickly and efficiently. If you are a parent contacting us on behalf of your child, please also provide their full name.

Please note if you do contact us on our social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter we may not be able to help resolve the issue outside of our working hours but will aim to help you as quickly as possible.

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Am I Still Insured If I Don't Have My Policy Documents?

If you have taken out a policy but not yet received your policy documents, don’t worry, you will still be insured - whether you are in possession of your documentation or not has no bearing on your insurance status. Again, if you are still waiting on your documentation it’s important to contact us as soon as possible so that we can resolve the issue, as having access to your insurance documentation is important for a number of reasons.

  • The Young Driver insurance documentation you will receive, whether you have asked for it by post, email or both can include a number of things such as:
  • Details of your Black Box insurance policy, including details such as how many miles you have included on your policy;
  • Terms and Conditions of being insured through Think Insurance;
  • Insurer documentation including their policy Terms & Conditions;
  • Terms and Conditions of the black box device that will be installed in your car
  • Your Insurance Certificate
  • Confirmation of payment method, such as whether you opted to pay for your insurance in monthly instalments
  • Policy documentation for any policy add ons such as Breakdown cover or Windscreen cover.

For more information on the Young Driver insurance policy documentation that you will receive when you take out a policy through Think Insurance, we recommend asking the Young Driver insurance team member that you spoke to at the point of sale. They will be able to give you a more detailed list of the things you should expect to receive, because every Young Driver insurance policy is different. This is partly due to the Young Driver insurance products that you are able to add on to your Black Box insurance policy, such as Breakdown cover.

When you receive your Young Driver Telematics insurance policy documentation it’s very important that you read through them thoroughly. This is so you can make sure you’ve received everything you are expecting to receive, or can pick up any errors on your documents as quickly as possible. If you do think you are missing anything, then you should contact us immediately and we will discuss the issue with you.

It’s not just important to check for any missing Black Box insurance documentation, it’s also very important to read through the Terms & Conditions you receive as part of your insurance policy, so that there are no surprises down the line. It may also answer any additional questions you have such as ‘Are my miles restricted?’ 

If you have any other questions relating to taking out a Young Driver insurance policy through Think Insurance, you may find the answer in our Young Driver FAQ section.

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Alternatively, if you are yet to take out a Black Box insurance policy for Young Drivers with us, you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below, and a member of highly trained Young Driver insurance team will get in touch. Or, you can call 0800 221 8077 and speak directly to one of our experts.