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How Will You Use My Data?

The data gathered from your black box will be used to calculate your driving score.

As part of your Telematics insurance policy we will gather data from your black box and analyse it to create your driving score. We will gather the following data to do this:

  • Driving Speed
  • Braking Performance
  • Cornering
  • Miles Driven
  • Roads Driven
  • Vehicle Location
  • Total Amount of Driving You Do
  • Time of Day You Drive
  • Rest Periods on Long Journeys
  • Amount of Journeys

More information about the above can be found in the FAQ: What Kind Of Data Will The Black Box Record?

The driving performance data that we gather helps us properly and accurately create your driving score, which can be accessed using the Young Driver portal. The login details for your Young Driver portal will be sent out to you once you take out a Young Driver insurance policy with us.

Poor and reckless driving behaviour will be flagged up in our system, and will result in our team contacting you to discuss what happened, and to you warn you that your data is showing you to be driving in a manner that doesn’t fit with the terms and conditions of your policy, such as excessive speeding. We may also call you to discuss your driving, how you can improve and what may happen if you do not. If your poor driving continues or your driving score is exceptionally low, we may have to withdraw your cover, however it is rare that we have to take such action.

Other ways we use your data

The personal data that we collect from you will be used to help us manage your Young Driver insurance policy. This can include issuing any policy renewal documents to you as well as any underwriting or handling claims. This may result in us having to release some of your personal information to regulatory authorities, insurers and agents working on our behalf. We may also check your data against other data we have about you to help us calculate your premium.

Will the Police Get My Black Box Data?

If your vehicle has been stolen we can use the location tracking software to determine where your car is and we can then hand that information over to the police, to aid their efforts in retrieving your car. In the unfortunate event your car is stolen, it’s important the police get the location information as quickly as possible, as once the first 48 hours have passed, the chances of retrieving your vehicle reduce significantly. (Please read your documentation for more information on this).

Still have questions on how your data is used? Call our Young Driver insurance specialists on 0330 127 4100.