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This document provides you with an overview of your Think-Box including the data it collects and how it is processed. You must read this in conjunction with your insurance policy and our general Terms of Business Agreement. Your telematics data will also be processed in accordance with Quartix’s Terms & Conditions.

Telematics Explained

Commercial and emergency vehicles have been using telematics for over 10 years as part of fleet management, insurance and for safety purposes, and in recent years it has become more popular in mainstream car insurance, particularly where the risk, and therefore the cost of cover, is high, such as young and inexperienced drivers. The Think-Box tracks how you drive, monitoring your driving style, including the time and length of the journeys you make, providing feedback on each journey to help you improve your driving ability by understanding what you are doing well, and where you need some improvement.

What data does the Think-Box actually measure?

  • Acceleration
  • Braking
  • Speed
  • Cornering
  • Time of use
  • Mileage
  • Distances
  • Types of Roads Used
  • Location of Vehicle

This is not an exhaustive list, and generally speaking most telematics data boxes will collect the above information. This may include real-time collection of data.

24/7/365 Theft Recovery

Cover includes a 24/7/365 Theft Recovery Service to help you locate your vehicle. The Think-Box uses GPS technology, enabling immediate identification of your car's location in the unfortunate event that it is stolen. As soon as you realise it has been stolen, report it to the police and obtain a Crime Reference Number, before calling 0844 583 9529 so we can try to locate your vehicle. Please see Policy Documents for more information.


IMPORTANT – Your premium is significantly influenced by mileage. Your initial premium is calculated based on the Annual Mileage Allowance you requested. The Think-Box monitors your mileage and you can view the amount used and your predicted annual mileage via your on-line dashboard.

If you are predicted to exceed the mileage declared by you during the current annual period of insurance, we will contact you and offer one of the following options:

  1. You may purchase top up miles for an additional premium. The cost of the additional miles is based on your original inception premium, but is adjusted up or down depending upon your Driving Score, and may reflect where, when and how you have been driving.
  2. You may leave your vehicle parked for the remainder of the current period of insurance or until such time as you do top up your mileage.

Your failure to agree to one of the options above within 7 days will result in cancellation of cover. If the amount of available miles has been exhausted and no additional miles have been purchased by you, the policy will be cancelled with no return of premium.

Should you get to within 10% of your Annual Mileage Allowance and still have more than 6 weeks of your policy remaining, we will contact you to discuss adding miles to your allowance.

Should you exceed your Annual Mileage Allowance without purchasing additional miles, we will begin cancellation of your policy subject to a 7-day cancellation notice.

Time of Use

While your policy does not include a Curfew please be aware that your driving score will be affected if you drive at certain times.

Level 0 (lowest risk): Monday-Friday, 6am-7pm
Level 1 (low risk): Saturday-Sunday, 6am-7pm
Level 2 (medium risk): Monday-Sunday, 7pm-11pm
Level 3 (highest risk): Monday-Sunday, 11pm-6am


IMPORTANT – If the vehicle is driven at:

  • Speeds in excess of 100 Miles Per Hour (MPH); or
  • Speeds in excess of 25 MPH above the legal speed limit of the road on which you are driving; or
  • Excessive speed – 50% (or greater) above the legal speed limit of the road on which you are driving (45 MPH in a 30 MPH zone) or (60 MPH in a 40 MPH zone)

The Think-Box will trigger a formal 7 day cancellation notice, resulting in the cancellation of your policy.

IMPORTANT – If the vehicle is driven at:

  • Speeds in excess of 25% above the legal speed limit of the road on which you are driving (50 MPH in a 40 MPH zone) or (75 MPH in a 60 MPH zone)

The Think-Box will trigger a Warning notification to your policy. If you accrue 3 Warnings within a 30-day rolling period, a financial penalty of £100 will be applied to your policy. If, after receiving a penalty, you incur 2 further Warnings within the following rolling 30-day period, the Think-Box will trigger a formal 7-day cancellation notice, resulting in the cancellation of your policy.

Driving Score

IMPORTANT – The Driving Score is made of the score achieved for each journey. The Driving Score is out of 100 and rated from “Excellent” to “High Risk”.

We require you to maintain an overall Driving Score at a level of “Average” or above. If your Driving Score for any 28-day period drops below 50%, this will result in the following:

  1. If your score is 0%-16.9% and is classed as “High Risk”, the Think-Box will trigger a formal 7-day cancellation notice, resulting in the cancellation of your policy.
  2. If your score is 17%-32% and is classed as “Medium Risk”, the Think-Box will trigger a Warning to your policy.
  3. If your score is 33%-49% and is classed as “Needs Improvement”, we may contact you to discuss your Score and help you improve going forward.

If you accrue 3 Warnings within a 30-day rolling period, a financial penalty of £100 will be applied to your policy. If, after receiving a penalty, you incur 2 further Warnings within the following rolling 30-day period, the Think-Box will trigger a formal 7-day cancellation notice, resulting in the cancellation of your policy.


Warnings can be received as a result of speeding or through poor driving represented as a “Medium Risk” Driving Score as explained above. If you receive 3 Warnings within a rolling 30-day period, whether from Speeding, poor Driving Score, or a combination of both, this will result in a £100 penalty being applied to your policy.

If, after receiving a penalty, you incur 2 further Warnings, for any reason, within the following rolling 30-day period, the Think-Box will trigger a formal 7-day cancellation notice, resulting in the cancellation of your policy.

Reviewing Your Driving Score

With a Think-Box policy, you will have access to your Driving Score and journey information via your online dashboard. By providing feedback on every journey, you can see how well you are driving, and which aspects may need more work, to help you continue to improve your ability and help you become a better, safer driver.

By taking out a Think-Box policy, you are committing to wanting to become a better driver, as well as driving safely and responsibly. Part of this commitment is making sure you continually review your performance via the dashboard. We require you to log into your dashboard at least once a week. This will be monitored, and if you fail to log-in for 4 weeks in a row, this could result in a penalty of £100 being applied to your policy.


The cost of the Think-Box is included within the total sum payable. It is important you understand this capital cost is non-refundable once installation is in process. Also these charges may apply:

• Capital cost of a Think-Box (non-refundable) £232
• Reinstallation following a change of vehicle £180
• Removal of Think-Box £72
• Failure to attend Installation Appointment £54
• Cancellation of Installation Appointment with less than 24 hours’ notice £54
• Chargeable service call £102
• Penalty - Failure to log-in and review your driving performance for 28 days £100
• Penalties – 3 Warnings in rolling 30-day period £100

Penalties – If you pay your original premium by Direct Debit, all penalties will automatically be added to your remaining payments. If there are no remaining payments or you have paid your premium in full, all penalties must be paid within 7 days of notification, and failure to do so will result in cancellation, subject to a 7-day cancellation notice. Please see main Terms & Conditions for all fees and charges.

Fitting The Think-Box?

The Think-Box must be fitted by an engineer within 7 days of the policy inception date. You must make arrangements for the installation of the Think-Box as soon as possible within this time, as failure to do so may result in the cancellation of your policy.

Please note that until the Think-Box is fitted to your car, the excess on this policy is doubled.

The installation engineer may photograph the vehicle and request a copy of your driving licence and proof of ownership of the vehicle. This data may be uploaded to our server as part of the install verification in the interests of fraud prevention.

Additional Information

As part of our sales process we explain how we calculate your premium and detail any unusual conditions of the premium or policy. As more data is gathered, and we better understand the risk (greater or lesser) you present, our rating models will be redefined and this will affect how future risks are assessed. This may mean that should you do any mid-term adjustments, your score will affect your premium.

Any unauthorised interference with the device, including tampering with the box or blocking the GPS/GSM signal, will result in the insurance being invalidated, which will make it more difficult for you to obtain insurance in the future.

The policyholder must make anyone else with custody or control of the insured vehicle aware of these terms. Their driving style will also be recorded by the Think-Box and could result in additional Warnings, penalties or even cancellation, subject to a 7-day cancellation notice.

Data Protection

We are committed to ensuring your information is secure. We will not sell, distribute or lease your personal information to third parties unless we have your permission or are required by law to do so. We will handle information responsibly, fairly and in line with Data Protection Laws and best practice guidelines.

Data Sharing

The information we process may include information about other drivers permitted under a policy. We shall obtain your consent but assume that you have explained this, and that other drivers do consent to us processing such information. This is important as the Think-Box cannot detect who is driving and all journey data will be viewed as a whole. Also, if you have consented, we may use personal information to send promotional information about other products and services we think you may find interesting.

Data Controls

In order to prevent unauthorised access or disclosure we have put in place suitable physical, electronic and managerial procedures to safeguard and secure the information we collect including information gathered online. Data belongs to Think Insurance Services Ltd and may be used for analysis to help improve our products and service going forwards. We will not keep and process data for longer than is necessary and only access data where there is a clear need to do so, such as managing a policy, handling a claim, or responding to a query or for purposes that you have consented. Whilst you are entitled to request your personal telematics data from us, we are only able to provide you with written confirmation of the live data to which you already have immediate and on-going access when viewing your dashboard. UK data protection rules give you the right to have the data in writing, as explained upon receiving such a request we can only provide limited information in the same way as the information in the dashboard and will be limited to the previous 20 journeys.

Cooling-off Period

You are entitled to cancel the policy within the 14-day cooling-off period, providing you have not made a claim, and not made arrangements for the installation of the Think-Box, however your insurer may apply a charge proportionately for time on cover and in addition, will charge an administration fee of £25. If you cancel the policy during the 14-day cooling off period and we have fitted a telematics box to your car, we will charge £232 to cover the cost of the box and installation. We reserve the right to deduct this amount from any premium refund that may be due to you.


We will review your overall driving score and telematics data at each renewal cycle and that analysis will influence the renewal terms offered, and conditions imposed. We will explain the charges, conditions and limitations that apply including any unusual characteristics.


If you wish to cancel your policy please telephone our customer services department on 01922 325156 or email in the first instance. They will advise you of the process required for your insurer and can help you look at alternative cover if required. Cancelling your instalment plan does not cancel your insurance policy, and the payments made to date may not cover the costs in the event of cancellation. Any remaining balance can be cleared in one payment or you must continue with the instalments until it is cleared. If a policy is cancelled by you or by us/insurer within your first 12 months of driving, you will not receive any No Claims Bonus. Should the policy be cancelled in year 2 onwards or where you already have a No Claims Bonus, we will not return this until any outstanding payments have been made. Cancellation fees and costs apply whether the policy is cancelled by you or us/insurer, regardless of reason. Any cancellation of this policy is based upon the amount of miles used. Any return premium due is calculated based upon the amount of miles used. If there has been any claim, the full premium will be payable with no refund due. Refunds of less than £10 will be retained by us due to the administrative cost of returning these. We will communicate cancellations by telephone calls, texts, post and email, so please ensure all contact details you provide are correct and kept up to date. Optional add-on products are also cancelled if the main motor insurance policy is cancelled. Please refer to your insurer Key Facts document (page 4) for full details of cancellation charges, terms and conditions. Please note all commission and charges are non-refundable.


A refund will only apply if the policy has remained incident & accident free. Should you exceed your mileage and not wish to purchase any more, you will not receive a refund, but will still be charged the relevant cancellation fees. Where you cancel your personal insurance outside of the 14-day cancellation period or where you cancel your commercial policy at any time, we reserve the right to charge for our time in providing you with advice and for the administration costs involved. This results in us retaining our original commission and fees. The timescale for any refund is dependent on the insurer returning the premium to us which can take up to eight weeks. For some insurance contracts, insurers will not provide refunds for mid-term cancellation of cover. We will advise if this affects you.