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So Will You Be Monitoring Anything Other Than My Driving?

The telematics box installed in your car will monitor a number of things.

There are two main things that a Think Insurance black box will monitor, in order to properly and fairly calculate an accurate driving score, which can affect your ‘good driver discount’ once it’s time to renew.

1.)    How the vehicle is driven is the main way your driving will be monitored, and will include the speed, acceleration, braking and cornering. Making sure you’re not exceeding the speed limit is an important part of ensuring that your driving score is the best that it can be. Braking and accelerating are equally important, as the telematics box will be able to detect how harshly (or not) you are braking or accelerating, and again these will affect your score. Finally your cornering will also be monitored, so this means you should be taking a corner at a safe and responsible speed.

2.)    Vehicle Usage will also be taken into consideration and is also part of how your score is monitored. For example the roads and where you are driving are monitored, this allows us to accurately record what speed you should be doing against what you are doing. Likewise, where and when the vehicle is used, or kept overnight are also monitored.

black box monitoring what does it record

The black box isn’t just a monitoring device, it can also be very useful in the event that your vehicle is stolen, in which case the black box can then be used as a tracking device to help the police locate your vehicle quickly and safely. Your insurance company would hand over the location information to the police, which means your car stands a better chance of being recovered quickly. Making sure that your vehicle is recovered as soon as possible is crucial in a car theft, as after the first 48 hours have passed, the likelihood of a stolen car being retrieved reduces significantly.

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Your data is only for reviewing your driving and your vehicle from an insurance perspective, and is reviewed only for this purpose by us and the insurance company. The information gathered from your black box is not sold on to a third party. The data that your black box collects can also be viewed by you, allowing you to see how your driving is progressing, and to help identify and stop any bad driving habits from developing, putting yourself on track for a good driving score.

The main benefit of having a black box is to save you money by lowering your Young Driver insurance premium, in return for having the black box installed. This is so we can monitor how well you are driving in order to make sure that you are a responsible driver, and secondly to offer you the appropriate discounts on renewal after you have proven yourself to be a safe, careful driver. We also don’t insist on a curfew which other Young Driver insurance companies may impose on your policy, leaving you free to drive when and where you like.

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