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Specialist Young Driver Insurance

If you are looking for specialist Young Driver Car insurance, Think Insurance can help you find the right cover with one of our Black Box insurance policies

If you’re a young driver looking for cheaper Car insurance, then choose a specialist broker to help you find the right cover!

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Car Insurance Statistics for Young Drivers

Young drivers are statistically more likely to be involved in an accident than drivers over 25, despite driving less miles. What’s more, young male drivers are 3 times as likely to be involved in an accident resulting in a fatality, than young female drivers. There are several reasons for this, including lack of experience, driving beyond their capabilities, and more distractions such as mobile phones.

As a result, the cost for young drivers looking for Car insurance can be incredibly high, to the point that many just can’t afford it. Unfortunately, this means they can’t get the experience to earn their No Claims Bonus, to bring their insurance costs down – it can be a vicious circle! However, we have a way to help young drivers get on the road for less…

Helping Young Drivers Find Specialist Car Insurance

We have the answer to help careful young drivers get covered – with one of our specialist Young Driver Car insurance policies! Our policies require a black box being fitted to your vehicle, enabling both you and your insurer to monitor how well you are driving.

The black box records how you brake, how you accelerate, how fast you drive, and how you drive around corners, among other things. It will also take account of when in the day you do your driving as well as the actual roads you are driving on, and it uses this information to calculate your driver score.

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Monitor How You’re Driving

Every time you finish a journey, you are given a score for how well (or not!) you have driven. This score then gets combined with all of your other journey scores to create your overall driver score. You can view your overall score on our Online Portal, and you can see where you have driven well, and in which areas you might need a little more practice. By regularly reviewing your Dashboard, and trying to improve your ability, you will become a better driver.

Discounts Up Front & Discounts At Renewal!

By agreeing to have a telematics box fitted to your car, and have your driving performance monitored, then you are rewarded with a significant discount at the start of your policy, which can make getting specialist Young Driver insurance much cheaper than a standard Car insurance policy bought online. In addition, the better your score at the end of the year, the better the renewal discount you could be awarded, meaning lower specialist Young Driver insurance for another year!

How to Keep the Cost of Your Young Driver Insurance Policy Down

One of the easiest ways you can keep the price of your specialist Young Driver insurance premium down is by simply finding the right car. High-powered cars associated with speeding are going to attract high insurance premiums, so try and avoid buying a car that fits that example. You may find that a sensible estate car with a big engine is cheaper than a ‘hot hatch’, despite the size of the car and engine. However, as a young driver you may feel more at home in a city car than an estate.

Another great way of lowering the price of your Young Driver insurance is by adding Named Drivers. In most cases, Named Drivers can bring the price of your insurance down, and as long as you only add Named Drivers that have a good driving history, you should bring the price down. Remember, when you are adding Named Drivers to your Young Driver insurance policy, only add drivers that haven’t had any driving convictions and have a claims free driving history – you should even avoid drivers who have had a claim that they were deemed not at fault for, as that could still increase the price.

Committing to low mileage is a guaranteed way of keeping your Young Driver insurance premium lower, so before taking out a Young Driver policy think carefully about how you are going to use your car. If the mileage seems high then you may need to evaluate when you will actually need to use your car, for example you may able to car share to a place of business or to college / university.

Remember, with a specialist Young Driver insurance policy with Think Insurance you’ll able to buy more miles if you run out before your policy ends, but to avoid having to pay for more miles, make sure you don’t underestimate how many miles you’re going to need in the first place!

Why Choose Think For Specialist Young Driver Cover?

If you’re looking for a knowledgeable team, a fantastic price and award winning customer service, then you should definitely get in touch with us for a specialist Young Driver insurance quote. Our Black Box insurance policies help careful and responsible young drivers get on the road for less. If you want to get cheaper insurance whilst learning and improving your driving, then get a quote today. Our policies can benefit from the following features:

  • Black box fitted to your vehicle
  • No curfews!
  • Discounts for low mileage
  • Only buy the miles you need
  • Driving feedback via web portal
  • ‘Good Driver’ discounts at renewal
  • Instalments available
  • Theft Protection available
  • 24/7 Windscreen & Glass cover
  • 24/7 UK based Claims service
  • Flexible payment options
  • Breakdown cover available


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