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Black Box Telematics

Telematics Myths Busted! Read This To Find Out How!

What You Should Know About Black Box Insurance

There is a lot of misinformation about telematics insurance and black boxes out there, so we’ve compiled a list of myths and we are going to bust them for you.

To find out more check out our video which explains what telematics insurance actually involves.

Myth 1: You Don’t Know If You’re Driving Well

Not true! Most telematics insurance policies come with a way to monitor how you’re driving. This is because insurance companies want you to drive well and therefore will give you a way to see how you’re doing so you can improve, on anything you may need to.

Myth 2: The Black Box Will Interfere With Your Car

Again false. A typical black Box in the UK will just be plugged directly into the car to be powered by the battery. It will not effect how the car runs or mess with any other accessory like the radio or sat nav. In fact you probably won’t be able to see the black box as in many cases it will be placed in front of the dashboard.

Myth 3: Telematics Insurance Policies Mean You Can’t Drive At Night

Whilst some insurers do put curfews and restriction on those with a black box. If you go with a Think Insurance telematics insurance policy, we don’t. All we care about is that you are driving in a safe and responsible manner!

Myth 4: Your Location Will Be Monitored

If you’re imagining someone in a dark office far way watching your every move on a live map then you would be imagining wrong, insurance companies don’t care where you’re driving just how you are driving (though in the event your car is stolen, the black box can act as tracking device, and help the police to locate and recover it more quickly.

Myth 5: If You Are Involved In An Accident Your Black Box Stats Will Be Given To The Other Insurer

Not true, your insurer won’t give your details away unless they are requested by the police. However having your driving data handy in the event of a crash can help prove you weren’t at fault, and what actually happened which is one of the many benefits of having a black box.

Black Box Insurance

Hopefully this handy mythbusting guide to telematics insurance has put your mind at ease. If you want to save money on your insurance policy get in touch with Think Insurance today and our specialist team will help find a young driver insurance policy that suits you. Click Get a Quote now or call 0330 127 4100 today!