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The Best Insurance For Young Drivers

Investing in the best car insurance as a young driver can save you money. See our tips here on how to save or get a quotation

Getting affordable car insurance is traditionally not easy for young drivers. Even if you are a perfectly safe driver, your lack of experience and time on the road is a factor when it comes to calculating your insurance premium.

In short, finding car insurance for young drivers under 21 is seldom easy, but it is not impossible. Here are a few important factors to keep in mind, all of which can help you save money and find the best insurance that is affordable, reliable and cheap.

Prove Your Driving Capabilities With A Black Box

Statistically, young drivers that have recently passed their driving test are more like to be involved in an accident than any other demographic. As such, the cost for young drivers of getting the best car insurance is higher than almost everyone else. Young drivers have not had the chance to develop their driving ability, which can only be done through driving, nor have they had the opportunity to prove themselves as capable, safe drivers. By taking out a black box insurance policy, young drivers can prove their abilities to their insurer, and help reduce their insurance premium at the same time.

The black box devices actively track how you’re driving, measuring various things such as your speed, your acceleration, how you brake and how you drive around corners. Some boxes also monitor where and when you drive, giving a full picture of your behaviour, to work out your driver score. Your overall driver score then determines how well you have been driving throughout the life of your policy. Once you have completed a year with a black box policy, your driver score can then be used by insurers to calculate your premium for the next 12 months, and the better your score, the more discount they may offer you.

At Think insurance, we offer black box insurance for young drivers that is aimed at responsible people wishing to prove their ability and secure cheaper insurance, whether they are learning to drive, have just passed their test, or have been driving for a year or two. The box itself is small and discreet, and is fitted out of sight so nobody will know it is there, and it won’t interfere with anything else in your car.

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Another option to consider is the mileage you will be driving. If you only plan to use your car for certain tasks such as driving to college, commuting to work, or only for social use at evenings and weekends, this means you are not constantly on the road and your mileage level can be reduced, and this will have an impact on the cost of your policy. The best young driver insurance policies tend to offer a wide variety of mileage limits, often starting at low levels for young drivers who aren’t planning on using their car as frequently. It is worth remembering though, that if you select a low level of mileage on your policy and end up doing more miles than planned, then you will need to make sure you contact your insurance broker and get additional miles added to your policy to prevent incurring fines or even, in some cases, having your policy cancelled and any claims becoming invalid.

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Comparing Deals

Many young drivers love to use comparison websites, but these don’t include all of the specialist brokers on the market, and so if you only use these when looking for a policy, you will be missing out on some of the more specialist, and potentially suitable, brokers in the market. Also, many companies offering young driver policies online, won’t necessarily always highlight the limitations of their quotes and can reduce the level of cover offered in order to present a cheaper price online. Therefore, it is vital that you check the details of what each quote includes and the exclusions within each policy to make sure that they include exactly what you want, and you are comparing like-for-like between each insurance broker. 

If you are looking for a black box insurance policy then you will also need to familiarise yourself with the rules and restrictions in place from each provider. Some brokers will include time of day restrictions, meaning you can’t drive at night, while others will have strict financial penalties if you exceed certain speeds or your driver behaviour score dips below a certain level. Before taking out any policy, make sure you are familiar with, and are happy to accept, the rules and restrictions applied on your policy. 

At Think Insurance, we do not offer our young driver quotes online as we think it is important to speak to every customer to make sure they are fully aware of our policy features, and to make sure we can find a policy that fits exactly what they need. 

Provisional Drivers

Some companies only offer cover for drivers while they are learning to drive; some only cover those who have passed their test. Some brokers will cover drivers both before and after their tests, but with separate policies for each stage and the cost will increase significantly when they move from provisional insurance, to a full policy, once they have passed their practical test.

We cover both provisional and newly passed drivers, and we do so on a single policy. If you take out a policy with us whilst learning to drive, the cost doesn’t increase once you have passed your test, and your policy continues with you. This is just another reason why we believe we offer some of the best insurance for young drivers. 

Flexible Payments

As a young driver, even with a black box, the cost of an insurance policy is still going to be significant, and as such it may not be feasible to be able to pay it all in one go. We offer a variety of flexible payment options to help you spread the cost throughout the duration of your policy, to make it more affordable.

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