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UK Is One Of The Safest Driving Countries In Europe

Less Fatalities On UK Roads Compared To Most Of Europe

The United Kingdom has the fourth safest roads in Europe, based on the number of deaths per one million people, according to the Road Safety Report Index.


In 2015 the UK had 1,854 road deaths, and with a reported (by the Road Safety Report Index) 64,767,100 people, this made it 29 deaths per million. The total amount of road deaths decreased since the last Road Safety Report Index in 2010, which reported the UK as having 1,905 road deaths from a population of 62,510,197 million people – making it 30 deaths per million inhabitants. The 2015 figure puts the UK fourth in Europe, behind Norway (23), Malta (26), and Sweden (27).

Similar Population

France, who has a similar population size to the UK at 64,277,242, had 54 deaths per one million inhabitants in 2015, but saw greater improvement than the UK in 2016, reducing their deaths per one million by 10, whilst their population increased by roughly two million.

Worst Performing Countries

At the bottom of the pile for deaths per one million inhabitants in 2015, was Bulgaria with 98 (population: 7,303,200), Romania and Latvia with 95 (pop: 19,861,400 & 1,986,100), and Hungary, who had 92 deaths per million inhabitants and a population of 4,225,300.

Western Europe

Republic of Ireland and Spain were the Western European countries with the second fewest deaths per million with 36 (pop: 4,625,900 & 46,439,900), closely followed by the Netherlands with 37 deaths (population: 16,900,700), and then Germany with a population of 81,174,000 come in at 43 deaths per one million. France who were previously mentioned come before Austria, who had 55 deaths per one million inhabitants (population: 8,584,900) and Portugal, with 60 deaths per one million and a population of 10,374,800. Luxemburg, the smallest country in Western Europe, sits second to last with 64 deaths per one million (population: 563,000). Belgium was the worst country in Europe for deaths per one million with 67 from a population of 11,258,400.