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What If I Have an Accident and the Box Gets Damaged?

The cost to replace the box could be covered by the insurance if you have the right cover.

The devices we use for our Telematics insurance policies are quite resilient, however the position they are placed in may leave them vulnerable in the event of a bad collision.

In the unlikely event they are damaged in a crash then, in most cases, the cost to replace the black box could be covered under your Black Box insurance policy. However, with some brokers, there may be cases where you may be liable for the replacement of the telematics device. This could be the case if you don’t have a certain level of cover on your Young Driver insurance policy and if you were at fault for the accident that causes the black box to become unrepairable.

if i have a crash will my black box be replaced

When Would The Black Box Be Covered By My Insurance?

In the event you are involved in a collision where your black box is damaged beyond repair, and the third party has been found to be at fault for the collision then you would not be liable for any repair or replacement costs associated with the (accidental) destruction of the telematics device, no matter who your insurance is with.

If you have been found to be at fault in a collision where your black box has been damaged beyond repair, but you have a Comprehensive Black Box insurance policy (such as the type we offer) then the replacement telematics device could be covered under the repair costs for your vehicle.

For young drivers not insured with Think that do not have a Comprehensive Young Driver insurance policy, in the event they are involved in a crash that is deemed their fault, and damage has been sustained to the black box meaning it has to be fully replaced, then those drivers would be liable for the costs. This further highlights the benefits of having a Comprehensive Young Driver insurance policy with a black box from Think Insurance.

In the event you have been involved in an accident and your car has been written off, and for whatever reason you do not want to continue your Young Driver insurance with a new vehicle, there would be no charge for a new telematics box, as the black box would then be deactivated.

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If you have any more questions regarding the telematics device placed in your vehicle, such as: How much extra will the Telematics box cost? or anything else related directly to the black box or any other aspect of a Think Insurance Young Driver insurance policy, you can consult our extensive FAQ Young Driver section where we have done our best to answer any and every question you may have regarding Black Box insurance.

However, if you cannot find the answer to your Telematics insurance query, then feel free to give a member of our specially trained and highly dedicated Young Driver insurance team a call on 0800 221 8077. They will do their best to answer any questions you may have and will gladly help set up a Young Driver insurance policy.

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