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What Is Different With Young Driver Insurance?

Young Driver insurance is a specialist product aimed at young drivers.

As a demographic, young drivers are often viewed differently to other motorists on British roads, due to statistics gathered over the years that indicate that young drivers are a higher risk.

Drivers that are higher risk tend to have higher insurance premiums, and so to help combat this, a number of insurance companies and brokers have started to offer Telematics insurance (also known as Black Box insurance), specifically for Young Drivers.

With a Young Driver insurance policy from Think Insurance you could get on the road at a much more manageable price than with a regular Car insurance policy. What’s more, that’s not the only positive, and there a number of other benefits of having a Think Insurance Young Driver policy.

All of our Young Driver insurance customers have access to their own driving data via our online portal. With this, you’ll be able to keep track of how your driving skills develop and where you may need to improve, which means you will also be able to stop any bad habits from occurring, and become a better, safer driver in the process. As long as your driving is kept at a good standard, then you could also receive discounts at renewal for good driving, in addition to discounts for low mileage. 

Our policies also include 24/7 Windscreen & Glass Cover. Another area where our policies can differ is that some of ours can include access to a 24/7 Theft Recovery service free of charge within the policy. Stats show that if a stolen vehicle isn’t recovered within the first 48 hours, then the chance of it being found diminish quickly. With our policies that include this cover, you can contact our Theft Recovery Team and they can help locate the vehicle 24/7 and pass this information to the police so they can try and recover it.

Some Young Driver policies can have curfews in place meaning young drivers can’t drive at night without punishment. Some Young Driver insurers may impose restrictions on what time of the day you can drive your car, and may penalise you for driving on certain roads. At Think Insurance we don’t!

We recognise that an insurance policy can still be an expensive purchase for a young driver, which is why we also have flexible payment options available, such as being able to pay in instalments as well as low mileage bands allowing you to buy just the miles you need.

Still got questions? Check out our other Young Driver insurance FAQs or call our specialist Black Box insurance team on 0800 221 8077.