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What Kind of Information Can I View In My Portal?

In your Young Driver portal you will have access to several key pieces of data on your driving.

Your Young Driver dashboard can be a vital resource to help you develop as a driver following the successful completion of your practical driving exam. So what does the dashboard show?

young driver portal what is displayed

Performance Score – Sometimes called your Driving Score, this is calculated by looking at a number of aspects of your driving, ranging from how you drive, to the types of journeys you take. If you choose to do a lot of high risk journeys and drive poorly whilst doing so, you may find that your overall Driving Score is low to reflect that. 

Total Miles Used – This will show the total number of miles you have used since the start of your Young Driver insurance policy.

Mileage Allowance – With a Think Insurance Young Driver insurance policy you will have paid for a set number of miles, which will be shown in the Young Driver portal. By comparing your allowance against your usage, this allows you to take the appropriate action, and arrange for more miles on your policy, if you are running out of miles.

speeding how does it effect my black box insurance

Speed – Due to the location tracking data that the telematics box installed as part of your Young Driver Black Box insurance gathers, we will be able to accurately calculate the speed at which you should be travelling on each road. Excessive speeding will result in questions being asked about your driving, and in some extreme cases will result in your policy being cancelled. If you have been speeding and are concerned about what we do with that information regarding the police, then you can read more about that subject in the FAQ: Will the police be informed if I speed?

Vehicle Usage – This information will show you how you have been driving your car in relation to how you accelerate, how you brake, how you corner and even the time of day you’ve been driving. Short trips to the shops, commuting to and from work, and everything else will all be recorded to give you a better overview of your driving habits.

Past 20 Journeys – You’ll be able to view the details of the last 20 journeys you have made. This will help you to see where your driving score may have gone up or down, therefore enabling you to take action to either continue your good driving or improve on poor driving so that when it comes to renewal you have the best score possible to help bring down your Young Driver insurance premium.

Have you got any more questions about Young Driver insurance? If so, you can find the answers to other common Telematics insurance queries in our Young Driver FAQ section, where we have already answered many Young Driver insurance topics, such Why is it cheaper?

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