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When Will I Be Able To Start Seeing My Driving Feedback?

You will be able to start seeing your driving performance via your dashboard, within 24 hours of having the black box installed and activated.

Once you’ve taken out a Young Driver insurance policy, you should be sent confirmation of your portal log-in details shortly after. PLEASE NOTE - you won’t be able to view anything on your portal dashboard until the black box has been fitted to your vehicle, and has been activated by the engineer. After the successful installation of the black box, we advise waiting 24 hours before accessing your Young Driving portal to view your driving feedback.

If you have changed the car on your Telematics insurance policy, then the above information and delay on viewing your stats, also applies. If you are interested in changing the car on your Black Box insurance policy, more information on that subject can be found in the relevant FAQ: Could I Change My Car Or Cancel My Policy?

How Can I Access The Young Driver Portal?

If you have lost the link to your Young Driver portal, or just need an easy way to access it, you will be able to do so through the Think Insurance website. By clicking on a Young Driver insurance related page, you should see a button at the top of the page which is green and says ‘login’. Click this button and simply enter the email address you have provided us with and you will be redirected to the correct Young Driver portal for your Black Box insurance policy.

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What Is My Driving Feedback?

The driving feedback available to you through the online portal will consist of data gathered about your driving. It will judge you on several aspects about your journeys, giving you both an individual score for each element, plus an overall score. This allows you to make changes to your driving which will help improve your performance score, and hopefully bring down your Young Driver insurance premium upon renewal. So, what specific aspects of your driving do we look at?

Speed – Using location tracking technology we can work out what speed you should be driving at. This technology can also be used if your car has been stolen, therefore giving the police the best possibly chance of retrieving your car.

Cornering – This looks at how you approach and drive around corners. Taking corners at a dangerous speed will put yourself, your passengers and unwitting third parties in danger, but will also lower your driving score.

Braking – If you don’t leave yourself enough time to brake when approaching junctions, other cars, crossings or hazards on the road, you will see your driving score suffer as a result.

Journeys – The types, times and length of your journeys can also have an effect on your driving score.

What Other Information Can I View On The Young Driver Portal?

As well as being able to see your driving feedback, you will also be able to view how many miles you took out on your policy, and how many you have used so far. This is important information to keep an eye on, to make sure that you don’t run out of miles. However if you are close to your annual allowance, or your pro rata forecast shows you’re set to exceed your annual allowance, you can work out how many miles you will need, and then contact us to purchase more miles. Don’t forget, if you exceed your mileage allowance without purchasing additional miles, then your policy will be cancelled. You may find more information by looking at the ‘What kind of information can I view in my portal?’ FAQ.

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If you are reading this page but are yet to get a Young Driver insurance quote, then you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below, fill in the details and we’ll be in touch to go through your requirements. Alternatively you can call 0800 221 8077 and a member of our Young Driver insurance team will be happy to help.