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Black Box Telematics

Why Choose Black Box Insurance? Find Out The Facts!

Not Sure If The Huge Savings Are Worth It?

So you are a young driver facing a big insurance bill, yet you passed your test with flying colours? Here’s why you should choose Black Box insurance!

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Cheaper Insurance Premiums For Young Drivers

This is by far the best reason for taking out a Black Box insurance policy - it’s going to be cheaper! Why is it cheaper? Because by having a black box installed, you’re demonstrating to your insurer that you’re committed to driving in a responsible manner and will stick to the rules of the road.

Prove You’re A Good Driver And Get Discounts

Having a black box installed means your insurer can tell how well you’re driving, and if you’re driving safely then your insurer will be more inclined to offer discounts when it comes time to renew your Black Box insurance policy - which means you’re rewarded for good driving. You can make sure you’re a good driver by obeying the laws of the road, sticking to the speed limit and avoiding things like cornering too fast and breaking harshly.

Improve As A Driver

Most Black Box insurance policies will provide you with a way to monitor how well you’re driving, and it will give you all the data you need on your driving performance, which can help highlight any aspects that could be improved. This means you can catch any bad habits before they become a problem and effect your driving ability or insurance premium.


If you’re a parent of a young driver, you will naturally be concerned when your son or daughter gets behind the wheel, especially if they only have a limited amount of driving experience. A black box will give you peace of mind, and if your child is using your vehicle to get around you’ll be able to find out how well they’re driving it!

It Could Prove Your Innocence In An Accident

If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in accident, and it’s not your fault, you can use the data recorded by your black box to prove just that. Things like speed, the direction your vehicle was travelling in and the location of the black box can all be analysed with your permission, to help indicate who was at fault for the incident.

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Locate Your Car If It’s Stolen

As the location of the black box is tracked, it means in the event that your car is stolen, the insurance company will be able to give the police the exact location of where it is. Your car can then be retrieved quickly and hopefully you won’t have to make a claim for a stolen car!

Do You Need Telematics Insurance?

If you’re a young driver and you’re sick of paying through the nose for insurance policies, or are even struggling to afford the premium, then Black Box insurance could be the answer. Get in touch with our team of Young Driver insurance experts today to see if we can help you with an affordable quote. Click Get a Quote below or call 0330 127 4100.