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Why Do I Need Young Driver Insurance?

Find out why you might need to consider Young Driver insurance.

Why Is It Important To Have Young Driver Insurance?

Firstly, having a basic level of insurance is required by law. It is entirely up to you as to which insurer you take cover with, and what type of policy you have, however you must have the minimum level of cover in place to protect third parties and their property against damage you could cause. Being a young or new driver however, you will be faced with a higher premium due your inexperience on the road and your zero or limited no claims bonus. As a result of this it may suit you better to choose a specific young driver policy involving Telematics or black box insurance.

The primary reason for choosing a telematics policy is the money you will save by doing so, but there are a number of other benefits of installing the black box, including the fact that the box will essentially act as a tracker so that your car can be traced if stolen, plus the telematics data can also help fight your corner if you are involved in an accident and are on the wrong side of a fraudulent claim. Knowing that your performance is being monitored and the fact that you can normally view your progress will also reveal to you the areas of your driving that could be improved, helping to make you a better driver in the future.

So why should you have a young driver policy?

  • Required By Law
  • Get A Reduced Premium
  • Inbuilt Tracker
  • Monitored Data

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