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Why Is Telematics Insurance Cheaper?

The Telematics Box, and what it measures, is what helps make Young Driver insurance cheaper.

When looking a for a Young Driver insurance policy for yourself or perhaps for your son/daughter, you will find that the policies with a Black Box will be amongst the cheaper ones.

The main reason for this is that the Black Box allows insurance companies to calculate your insurance premium more accurately due to the data available. Obviously, if it’s your first Young Driver insurance policy your insurer will not yet have the information on how you drive yet. All they will have to go on is the usual information provided to insurance companies such as how many miles you do (or intend to do), where the car is located when not in use, and what the car is used for i.e. social, commuting or business etc.

However, the initial premium will be lower with a black box due to your commitment to having a telematics device installed in your car, and have your driving performance monitored. This shows to the insurance company that you are committed to being a safe and responsible driver, therefore the insurer deems you less of a risk than a young driver who doesn’t want to have a black box.

Come renewal time, as someone with a Young Driver Telematics insurance policy, you may find that you premium is reduced by a greater amount than your peers who do not have a black box but live in a similar area and have similar driving habits. This is because through good driving, which can be verified through your performance data, we are able to see that you are a safe and responsible driver, and that you only do the mileage you say you will.

Think Insurance Have Exclusive Rates

Having a black box installed in your car is usually the best way of getting a cheap Young Driver insurance quote. Due to Think Insurance being a specialist Young Driver insurance broker, we have access to some very competitive and sometimes exclusive Black Box insurance rates for young drivers, which means we are well positioned to help you get the best deal.

Not only do you get access to great Young Driver insurance rates through Think Insurance, you will also have the chance to get driving feedback through your online portal – which for someone in the early years of their driving career can be invaluable. Not only will it help you improve your driving, but it can also help prevent any bad driving habits from forming, which in the long run could save you money on your future Car insurance.

If you have any more questions about Young Driver insurance with a Black Box, check out our FAQ section. Or alternatively, if you are ready for a quote or would like to talk to one of our specialists, you can call 0800 221 8077