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Will My Insurance Go Up Before Renewal Due To My Driving?

We won’t increase your insurance premium due to bad driving, but you could receive a fine or have your policy cancelled if your driving is not acceptable.

The only way your insurance premium will increase mid-term, is if any of your circumstances change such as your occupation, your required use or your address, for example, but this is the same as with any Car insurance policy. Where our Telematics insurance policies differ is that they are mileage based policies and you purchase an agreed number of miles at the start of your cover. If you look like you are going to exceed your allowance, then you need to contact us to arrange for additional miles to be purchased, and so in this instance, there would be an additional cost (though this is down to your requirements rather than your driving). Please note that the cost of additional miles is based on your driving score up to that point, so poor driving could mean that it is more expensive for you to add miles mid-term than if you had purchased them at the start of your policy. Failure to purchase additional miles when required will lead to the cancellation of your policy.

Some of our Young Driver insurance policies do include fines for certain aspects of poor driving, but all of the rules of these policies will be discussed with you before you decide to go ahead with the policy. In most cases, before we impose any fines, we will contact you to discuss your driving and make you aware of what needs to change.

In rare cases we may be forced to cancel your Telematics insurance policy altogether due to a series of high risk journeys within a short amount of time, or due to extreme speeding, but again this is an extreme measure and this decision is not taken lightly, and all of the rules around this will be explained to you before taking your policy out.

If your driving performance is poor throughout the year and your driving score is low, then this can also result in your premium increasing when it comes time to renew.

Read on to see how your driving score is calculated and what aspects of your driving you are judged on, so that you can avoid your Black Box Insurance policy being cancelled or increasing in price due to poor driving.

young driver insurance how is my driving score calculated

How Your Driving Score Is Calculated

Cornering – The speed and manner of how you turn into a corner or go around a bend is recorded by the black box. Drivers who take their time and don’t speed around corners will find their driving score will be better for it.

Speed – By tracking the location of your car we are able to determine what speed you should be driving at, and therefore excessive speed will be highlighted and will result in a bad score. A single case of extreme speeding could lead to your policy being cancelled immediately.

Braking – This is another big indicator of how well you are driving. If you don’t leave enough time between you and the car in front, or you don’t slow down sufficiently before coming to a stop such as at a junction, a set of traffic lights or at a crossing, your driving score may be negatively affected.

Long journeys without breaks – With owning a car comes the freedom to go anywhere you want in Britain; from St. Ives to Inverness, or even the ancient capital of Mercia, Tamworth. However, depending where you live, many of those destinations could be quite a distance away and will involve long journeys. If you have been driving for hours at a time, the telematics device installed in your car will recognise this and will notice when the car is not in use, for example when you are having a break at a service station.

However, it will also notice if you aren’t taking enough breaks, which can negatively affect your driving score. Even if you are going on a road trip with friends or relatives that are insured to drive your car (through their own Car insurance policies or as Named Drivers) and you each take shifts to drive the car, the black box will not be able to distinguish between who is driving, and whilst there may be a short break when you switch drivers, it might not be long enough for the black box to recognise it as a sufficient break. On long journeys it’s important to take sufficient breaks to fight fatigue and tiredness.

The journeys you take – We’ll look at the number of journeys you take and the total length of those journeys, to calculate the risk. Taking frequent short journeys to your local shop, which is a five minute walk away, will not help you get a good driving score.

If you have Named Drivers on your car, or someone drives your car on their own insurance policy such as a motor trader on a Car Garage insurance policy, you must remind them that their driving is monitored by a telematics device discreetly installed in your car. Whilst one mechanic poorly driving your car might not have long term negative effects, you may receive a warning about your driving which would count against you. Again, a sustained period such as week of seriously poor and erratic driving may see your policy being cancelled, so you might want to think twice about loaning your car to someone who drives like a rally driver.

locate my vehicle

Vehicle location – Where you keep your car when it’s not in use is important and if it’s frequently parked in areas with a high crime rate, especially car crime, then that may have a negative effect on your driving score. In addition, if you are frequently leaving your car overnight in a different area to where you say you keep it, questions may be asked, and your premium could be amended or cancelled.

More details on what information the telematics device in your car records, can be found by reading the FAQ: What Kind Of Data Will The Black Box Record? Other answers to frequently asked questions can be found by looking in our specialist and comprehensive Young Driver FAQ section.

Buying More Miles For A Think Insurance Young Driver Insurance Policy

Poor or reckless driving isn’t the only way your Telematics insurance premium may rise in price over the duration of cover. When you first discuss your insurance needs with our specialist Young Driver team you will have stated how many miles you intend to use.

At Think Insurance we operate a ‘buy what you need’ style policy when it comes to mileage so if you are approaching the miles you asked for when you first took out your policy, we’ll give you a friendly reminder, so that you don’t incur any unexpected charges. This will leave you with either two options: Buy more miles to increase your allowance, or stop driving your car for the remainder of your policy. Choosing to cancel your policy will result in you being required to pay the full price of the premium if you have not already done so.

Will Changes To My Policy Increase My Young Driver Insurance?

Sometimes you will need to make changes to your Young Driver insurance policy which may include a change of address or even a change of vehicle. Both of these examples can increase or reduce your premium. If you do intend to purchase a new car, it might be worth ringing up with a few options to gauge what the change in price may be, before you commit to buying anything.

If you have changed occupations during the course of your Young Driver insurance cover then you will need to inform us and if you need to add Business use to your policy because of this, then your insurance premium will increase, and in addition to the change of Use you may need to increase the amount of miles you have too.

Get A Young Driver Black Box Insurance Quote Or Make A Change To Your Policy

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