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Will The Police Be Informed If I Speed?

Read more about our policy regarding speeding here.

At Think Insurance we encourage our customers to drive safely and sensibly, and heavily dissuade them from speeding. In fact, speeding is a direct violation of the rules of our Young Driver insurance policy, and we have a set procedure for dealing with drivers that are registered as speeding by their black box.

It’s also worth reiterating that speeding will have a negative impact on your driving score, and repeated speeding is even more serious. It’s important that you refrain from speeding as your driving performance score is a key part of your Telematics Box insurance policy, and if your score is below an acceptable level, you could find that your policy gets cancelled.

If you have a low score when it comes time to renew your policy due to frequent speeding (among other offences), in the worst case scenario, we may decide that you are too high a risk to insure, and therefore not offer cover. Other consequences can include your insurance premium increasing due to your speeding/poor driving score.

If we are notified that a customer has been speeding then Notifications or Warnings will be sent out, and we will contact the customer in an attempt to resolve the situation and encourage a better driving performance, before it gets to the stage where the policy has to be cancelled. Repeated speeding and poor driving performance can result in a policy being cancelled. Likewise, in the case of extreme and dangerous speeding, we hold the right to cancel your Young Driver insurance policy straight away, with a 7 day RTA Notice being issued. 

As a driver insured by Think Insurance you are actually able to check your own progress and monitor how well you are driving, thus avoiding any Warnings in the first place, by logging in to your Young Driver portal. This is a highly recommended course of action, and indeed a requirement for some of our Black Box insurance policies.

Whilst excessive speeding, and speeding of any type is highly discouraged we do not pass that information along to the police, instead instances of speeding are dealt with internally, using the methods mentioned in this FAQ. Again, we must stress that speeding of any nature is not encouraged whatsoever, and we strongly urge to you drive in a safe and responsible manner. If not only for the safety of yourself, your passengers and of course other road users, but also to help make sure your driving score is as good as it can possibly be, therefore helping you to reduce your annual Young Driver insurance premium price next year.

If you have any more questions regarding our Telematics insurance policies, please check out the other pages in our Young Driver insurance FAQ section. Alternatively if you want to start the process of getting insured then you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below or call our Young Driver team on 0330 127 4100.