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Passing your driving test and getting your first car are two exciting events when you become a young driver, however getting home and trying to insure your new, prized possession can be far from exciting! It can in fact be quite frustrating, as it can be hard to find cheap Car insurance quotes for young drivers.

never risk driving without insurance

Never Risk Driving Without Insurance!

You may be thinking about foregoing insurance all together, but the risk isn’t worth it! There’s a very good chance you will get caught, and then you will face legal repercussions including losing your licence, and you’ll find it even harder when trying to get insurance in the future.

To try and get the price down you may be tempted to opt for the legal minimum level of cover available, which would be Third Party Only insurance. Whilst this might be a good option for people looking for Car insurance for young drivers under 21 with a low value car, it would mean that if you were unfortunate enough to be in an accident that is deemed your fault, or unlucky enough to have your car damaged beyond repair, beyond what you can afford, or the vehicle is stolen, then you will be left out of pocket or without a car altogether. Third Party, Fire & Theft would be the next level of cover available. The cost will be higher, but it may give you a little more peace of mind and would be recommended as the minimum for you to consider if you intend on buying a make of car that is often targeted by thieves. 

Comprehensive Young Driver Insurance

However, the best level of insurance, and the only level of cover we offer with our specialist Young Driver policies is Comprehensive insurance. This will cover everything that the other levels of cover do, with the addition of covering damage to your own vehicle as well.

Where Do I Get The Best Young Driver Insurance?

The best way to find cheap insurance quotes for young drivers is to seek out a reputable Young Driver Car insurance broker, as they will be more likely to have access to the best rates for Specialist Young Driver insurance. Young Driver car insurance brokers such as Think Insurance will often have access to some of the best rates in the market, allowing you to save money on your insurance premium, and save time having to keep shopping around…but how do Think Insurance do it?

black box insurance for young driver

Black Box Insurance For Young Drivers

As a specialist Young Driver Car insurance broker, Think Insurance have helped thousands of young drivers get on the road with competitive rates for their first Car insurance policy. For young drivers under 25, we offer a Black Box insurance policy which measures how well you’re driving and rewards sensible, responsible young drivers, with better discounts at renewal. Our black box is installed in a discreet position behind the dashboard so you won’t even know it’s there. There are also no curfews or restrictions for driving at night or where you go. All we ask is that you drive sensibly and in a responsible manner. 

Review Your Driving Performance Online

You can review your driving performance online via our Young Driver portal, so you can see how well you’re doing, and which elements of your driving may need a little more work. You can then see how your driving performance is progressing over the weeks and months of your policy, and how you’re becoming a better driver. 

Our Black Box insurance policy for young drivers offers good driver discounts at renewal as well as discounts for low mileage. Our policies also include 24/7 Windscreen & Glass cover, 24/7 UK Based Claims Service, flexible payment options as well as optional extras such as Breakdown Cover. 

The UK’s ‘Best Insurance Broker’

We’ve been awarded the title of the UK’s ‘Best Insurance Broker’ by for 4 years running, thanks to feedback from our satisfied customers. So, if you want a quote from one of the UK’s expert Young Driver Car insurance brokers, click ‘Get a Quote’ below or speak to a member of our specialist Young Driver insurance team by calling 0330 127 4100 for free!