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Schemes For Young Driver

Looking for a good Young Drivers insurance scheme? Think Insurance are specialists and our Black Box insurance policies can help careful young drivers save money!

Young Drivers Insurance Schemes – Where To Start?

Whether you’re learning to drive, have just passed your practical test, or you’ve got a year or two’s driving experience under your belt, if you’re a young driver under 21 years old, or a young driver under 25, you need to find a Young Drivers insurance scheme that matches your requirements…but where do you start?

Different insurance companies and brokers will have different Young Driver insurance schemes. Some may specialise in cheap Car insurance for young drivers under 25, while others may be experts in insurance for under 21 year olds. There will be some brokers that offer general Car insurance policies to young drivers, while others will focus on Black Box or Telematics insurance. Some young driver schemes may have policy restrictions such as curfews, while others may be based on the mileage driven and the driver’s performance. The thing to note is that most young drivers insurance schemes will differ in some way so it is important to ensure you understand the details of each scheme when comparing, and deciding upon, who to take a policy out with.

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The Best Way To Get Cheaper Young Driver Insurance

If you’re a young driver getting quotes for standard Private Car insurance, then you might have been quoted some very expensive rates which could put you off from driving completely. However, as a young driver under 25, one of the best ways to bring your Car insurance price down is to take out a Black Box insurance policy and, in return for allowing your driving performance to be monitored, you’ll be rewarded with a cheaper Young Driver insurance premium.

At Think Insurance, we only offer Young Driver insurance schemes that require a Black Box fitted to your vehicle as we believe these are the best policies to help careful and responsible young drivers save money on their insurance, and help them to get on the road.

Prove You’re A Good Driver!

With a Black Box policy, several driving attributes are measured, including how fast you drive, how quickly you accelerate, how sharply you brake, and how you drive around corners. These things, along with other elements like the time of day you drive and where you are driving, all contribute to working out your Driver Score.

Your Driver Score tells you how well you are doing, and by logging-in to your Young Driver Portal and viewing your Dashboard, you can see exactly where you need to improve, and where you’re already doing well. You can then take this feedback and work on your performance to help you become a better driver, and improve your Driver Score in future.

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Better Score = Better Discounts At Renewal

Not only can a Black Box insurance policy from Think Insurance help bring down your initial premium, but it can help bring down the price of your insurance at renewal, providing you prove that you are the good driver you say you are! But how can you be sure you’re a good driver? Some people pick up bad habits over the year, however you’ll be able to make sure you don’t as you’ll be able to track your progress and monitor your driving online. This will both help you to become a better driver and will make sure any discrepancies in your driving can be addressed quickly and, more importantly, before they affect your insurance premium.

Why Choose Think Insurance?

Some companies have separate policies for Learners and full licence holders, and the costs can increase sharply once you pass your test – but we don’t. One of the big benefits of our Young Driver insurance schemes is that our policies can carry on with you from Learner Driver stage, through to passing your test and earning your full driving licence, and the cost won’t increase. 

As a Think Black Box insurance policy holder, once you pass your practical driving test, all you need to do is call our Young Driver team and tell them you’ve passed – they’ll then update your details, congratulate you, and you’re good to go!

As well as an easy transition from Learner Driver insurance to Young Driver insurance, there are many reasons why you should choose Think Insurance to provide your Black Box insurance policy. Our team of highly dedicated and friendly Young Driver insurance experts can talk you through any queries or questions you may have, as well as helping you decide what type of insurance would best suit you.

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If you want some help deciding what type of insurance is best for you, don’t hesitate to call Think Insurance on 0800 221 8077 to discuss your options or to get a quote. Alternatively if you know what you need, you can click ‘Get a Quote’ below and a member of our specialist Young Driver insurance team will be in touch!