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Top 5 ‘First Cars’ for New Drivers

What Are The Best First Cars to Get in 2019?

As a young driver, getting your first car is like a rite of passage; the first big step into freedom; the ability to go places as and when you want. This means your choice of first car is an extremely important decision to make. It is essential that you make the best choice regarding which car you’d like. Whether you’re after cheap and cheerful, or flashy and new, it’s good to keep all factors in mind, and make sure you don’t rush in to buying something that isn’t right, and later regretting it.

When looking at first cars, you should take a few things into consideration: Price, safety, appearance, potential new driver insurance premium and cost to run. Small hatchbacks tend to make the best first cars; they don’t require a large engine to run which, in turn, makes them cheaper to buy, fuel, tax and insure than larger cars.

Here are our top picks for the best first cars for new drivers!

Ford Fiesta Vector

Ford Fiesta // EURO NCAP RATING – 5 Star

Kicking us off is the well known, well praised, run-of-the-mill road car, the Ford Fiesta.

Being the UK’s best-selling car is no small feat. These cars are easy to drive, stylish and well equipped for everyday tasks. This car is an excellent choice regardless of whether it’s brand new or second hand.

In 1997 Ford Fiesta was one of the first cars to be tested by European New Car Assessment Program (Euro NCAP) for vehicle safety and now the Ford Fiesta is continuously awarded Five stars.

SEAT Ibiza Vector


The Seat Ibiza was proudly named the ‘Best Supermini’ in the 2017 Auto Express New Car awards. This award praised it for its responsive steering, affordable running costs and attractive exterior. It brings with it, a spacious interior and sharp styling, all at an affordably tempting price range.

This car is commonly considered a cheaper, larger version of the Volkswagen Polo which is another perfect car for new drivers.

Skoda Fabia // EURO NCAP RATING – 5 Star

With a competitive price tag, and a clean and spacious interior, it comes as no surprise that the Skoda Fabia is seen as the ‘people’s choice’ car.

While the Skoda isn’t the cheapest small car, it costs less to buy than the Ford Fiesta, and it’s also cheaper than an equivalent VW Polo.

Kia Rio // EURO NCAP RATING – 3 Star

While it isn’t considered to be the best smaller car to drive, it is a nice car with room for four adults in the back and a decent sized boot. While its safety rating is below most average small cars, the Kia Rio makes up for it with responsive handling, smooth gear changes and great visibility. The costs of running are affordable which makes it a great first car for new drivers.

Peugeot 208 Vector

Peugeot 208 // EURO NCAP RATING – 5 Star

Having been praised for being very ‘good looking’, the 208 is known for its interior being produced with a much better quality of material than its predecessor, giving the vehicle a much more fashionable and contemporary appearance.

Its economy ensures that it has low running costs, and it also has an easy-drive feel that is suited for new or nervous drivers.

Those are our top picks for this year! Still not sure what car is the best suited for you?

Here are some Honourable mentions:

Dacia Sandero (EURO NCAP RATING 4 Star)

Smart ForTwo Coupe (EURO NCAP RATING 4 Star)

Hyundai i10 (EURO NCAP RATING 4 Star)